Content Marketing – Why is it crucial for your business?

Setting up an online business is definitely not a child’s play. As an online entrepreneur, you need to perform a large number of tasks that can aid you in grabbing the attention of the targeted customers.

Well, Content Marketing has come up as a great source of relief for all online marketers like you who’re constantly struggling with retaining customers on their business portals.

By serving your website visitors with content in the form of text, video, inforgraphics etc., it actually becomes feasible to reach out to a larger group of audience which is interested in purchasing products and services similar to the ones offered by you. Plus, marketing your website content via different modes serves as a major plus point. Through this post, I intend to highlight the key importance of content marketing for the upliftment of a business enterprise.

Content marketing boosts interaction between customer and business website

Right from invoking conversations to retaining the same, content marketing plays a vital role in keeping visitors engaged on your corporate portal for a longer duration of time. For instance, if you’re engaged in selling books, then an effectively designed blog can help you in promoting your products in the best format. Engaging with your customers in a more meaningful way is definitely something that will help you gain crucial information for selling effectively in the future.

Content Marketing allows you to have a solid footing in your chosen business niche

As per a recent survey, it has been found that over 70% consumers prefer exploring a brand by reading its articles instead of the typical advertisements. Therefore, paying special attention to effective promotion of your business content will create room for an enhanced customer attention. Yet another interesting point that needs to be noted here is that around 60% of the consumers feel a lot more positive about a company only after they read custom content related to the firm’s history, its range of products and services, people behind the company and much more.

Content Marketing guarantees brand visibility

The more content you choose to showcase for your brand, the more customers you’ll be able to gather. As per the most recent statistics, around 55% blogs written on company’s behalf have resulted into 55% more visitors’ count. Also, a whopping 97% of companies with online blogs receive 97% more inbound links as compared to other corporate organizations. Around 35% of marketers believe that blogs are indeed the most valuable content type for executing brand promotional campaigns. With about 93% of B2B Marketers choosing content marketing for reaching out to target audience, it won’t be wrong to say that the concept would continue to witness a hike in the future as well.

Creating useful content is important for effective content marketing

In order to scale new heights of success in the world of online business promotion, it is important to pay due heed to effective marketing of content related to your products and services. The more informative your content is, greater are your chances of gathering target audience. Choosing to market your content in the form of tutorials can serve as an excellent means of spreading information about your company as a whole. If your content turns out to be truly helpful and not merely a ‘sales pitch’, then your customers may even choose to bookmark or share your company’s details via different social media platforms. By directing your content towards the audiences, you can actually succeed in getting them engaged to a level that they would go ahead with taking a specific action, which can either be discussing about your business products with friends or sharing your content via multiple social media platforms.

Future is definitely bright for Content Marketing

Soon, the internet giant ‘Google’ would be rolling out the significance of popular changes like +1 bubbles and Google Authorship for ranking websites on search engine results pages. Hence, if you’re an online merchant, don’t wait any further for highlighting your content in the best possible way. Yet another Google update called the Author Rank Update would drastically change the way search engines crawl your website. With a special emphasis on content creators, this new update would rank your website in an entirely different format.

Wrapping Up

As an integral component of every business marketing strategy, content promotion is something you can’t afford to ignore. With effective distribution of content via the internet, you can undoubtedly receive increased traffic towards your website, thereby gaining a greater recognition among the leading corporate ventures across the globe.

Published by Samuel Dawson

Samuel Dawson follows convincing approach and result-oriented methods to develop various kind of website's. Samuel is working as Senior Developer in front-end development technologies. He is integrated with Designs2HTML Ltd – a PSD to CSS conversion company. Samuel also shares his great expertise with every one.

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