Why Choose Custom Web Development Services Over Templates?

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A website has become a necessity for businesses regardless of size and industry. We cannot deny the fact that websites are the most crucial part of a business that helps in generating revenues.

The website plays a vital role to enhance the growth rate of the enterprises as they have the capability to drive several consumers and professionals that eventually helps in generating sales or business leads. Regardless of the size of a business, a website can be considered the face of your business and not just a marketing tool that generates business leads.

Now that, there are two ways to develop your website: template-based website and custom web development. Developing a template-based website is faster, simpler, and cheaper when compared to developing a custom website. But, opting for template-based web development may lower the capability and flexibility of your website.

Today, we have a wide range of affordable template-based web development services available in the market, so you must be wondering why choosing a custom web development can be the best option to design a website for your business. Today, in this post we will discuss why custom-based development is best for your website.

Are Website Templates Enough For Your Business?

There are hundreds and thousands of website templates available in the market that are capable of offering powerful tools to create simple websites. These websites offer predefined coded layouts or they can even offer you drag-and-drop elements which you can place as per your requirement to design your website. Well, it seems really easy to build websites using templates but it comes with lots of issues, and the major one that counts is personalization.

We cannot personalize these templates. In order to make any changes, either you need to contact the original developer or you will end up hiring a web design company. Even after this, your website would not be able to adapt to your brand and vision.

As a business, when you grow, you need a website that can adapt your business values, your brand, and your vision and can provide your customers with a personalized feel for your concept. Website is the face of your business and needs to be perfect just like your services or products.

Custom web development allows you to use impressive designs along with which you can add essential features required for the success of your website. To perform so, you need expert services that can help you to strategize the growth and this is where a website development expert comes into the picture.

Control And Creativity Offered By Experts

Custom build website offers more control over creative elements. When compared to templates where you always run out of choices, a custom-built website is more likely to satisfy your as well as your customer’s needs.

While using templates, you will have to make a choice between too many or too few templates. As, they offer hundreds of templates with different sizes, fonts, colors, and images. In this vast array of options, it is really difficult to stick with one template and make a choice between hundreds of fonts, colors, and sizes.

Whether you are developing a template-based website or a custom-built one, to make it happen, you will need to have a design expert who is able to create and control the website. A custom website designed by professionals is capable enough to meet your business needs, whereas the same cannot be expected from a template-based website, as the templates are not at that level that one could achieve easily using custom web development services.

With a custom-built website, you can combine your creative process and business concepts using your skills and knowledge of the platform. With the help of experts and web designers, you can easily provide what you actually want to serve your customers which eventually helps you connect with the right audience.

Templates can be very attractive and simpler to use, but they are not up to the mark to meet your business needs. A great custom-built website could possibly be the best way to add creative elements, animations, and essential features to your website.

When Online Reputation Is A Major Concern

When using templates, there are chances that your website looks similar to many other websites. Applying online marketing tactics on your template-based website could possibly be a difficult task for you as there are several other websites carrying similar formats.

Custom-built websites are SEO-friendly and very suited for online marketing. As a business owner, when you are designing your website, make sure that your website should be visible on search engines. The one who knows the importance of SEO also knows how a site should be optimized.

Template-based web development comes with some serious limitations when it comes to optimizing a website. They would never allow you to make any major changes, even if they are favorable from an SEO point of view.

However, in the case of custom web development, the web designer can make any favorable changes and can also optimize your site to gain better positioning on search engines.

Customized Support For Custom-Built Websites

The most important thing when it comes to handling your website is support. While having a custom-built website, one can directly reach out to the web designer and get the issue resolved. But, when it comes to templates, it gets really difficult even for designers to get into anyone else’s coded layout.

In this case, the designers might end up just settling the issue on a temporary basis. While using templates, a business might have to face these challenges, where the designers or developers can come up with temporary solutions to fix the issue.

Make Your Website The Business Face

The custom-built website revolves around the business, brands, and services one has to offer. The greatest thing about the custom-built website is that it incorporates your business goals, brand requirements, business strategies, and online reputation, something that templates can never be capable of offering.

Custom-built websites provide an amazing user experience to the consumers or business persons visiting the website. They have robust capabilities for handling, analyzing, and displaying data and/or content. Whether it is a large-sized business or a small-size business, a template-based website can never deliver the necessary functionalities that a business wants.


So, eventually, instead of spending valuable time and resources on developing a template-based website, it’s better to create and develop a custom website from scratch that helps in enhancing the business growth and goes beyond the limitations offered by templates.

Templates are a quick solution to grow a business, while Custom Web Application Development service is a long-term solution. Choosing from what is available is quite easy, rather than creating something that you need.

So, create, develop, and control a custom-built website that is capable of creating a personalized feel for the business concept, while following the vision of the brand.

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