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In the competitive world today all of us are so involved in trying to win the race that we have completely ignored the most important aspect of our lives – Health. This is especially true for students whose life has become sedentary because of the long hours of study. There is completely no exercise to their body.

Even in leisure people prefer to spend time watching TV, playing video games and working on the computer. So this article will discuss the benefits of exercising and will tell you some simple methods you can incorporate in your lives without disturbing your routine! You could simply go for a jog nearby in the early hours of the day. If you thing this will deprive you of some extra sleep you could join a fitness class at a convenient time.

Change your medium of commuting to your class. Take a walk or use a bike instead of going in your car. This will help you get a workout without having to give it a special place in your schedule. Even for those who choose to use the car I have an option. You could simple park your car far away and walk to your destination. What say? The elevator is another machine that has contributed to our ill health. So if you want to stay fit take the stares next time. When you take a break after long hours of study don’t just sit but try to walk around the place and stretch your limbs. If you are not motivated enough to work out along get a friend to join you. It can work wonders! Go for hiking instead of a picnic to spend time.

Quick guide to student health and fitness
Quick guide to student health and fitness

Now why have I given you these suggestions? It is because a recent research has revealed that those who involve in workouts perform better in their academics than those who don’t. It has been observed that those who exercise have a GPA that is 0.4 points higher than those who don’t. The research also revealed that those who work out are able to put in a minimum of 3 constructive hours of study each day and those otherwise can concentrate for not more than an hour. Food obviously plays a very important role in all this.

The kind of food you eat needs to be chosen very carefully. Eating fresh or canned fruits and energy bars can be of great help. Avoid having large quantities of caffeine. Drinking lots of water is most commonly advised. Food has been divided into groups A, B, C, D and E for a better understanding of its nutritive value. Group A includes fruits and vegetables. Group B consists of grains that provide energy to the brain and muscles. In group C we have low fat dairy products that strengthen the bones with calcium. Protein food like eggs is a part of group D. Essential fats like Olive oil belong to group E.

Lastly sleep is also an important aspect and it would be out of place to discuss it here. Having a good sleeping environment without distractions is very important. A minimum of 8 hours of sleep is a must for an adult. Consult your doctor if you have trouble with undisturbed sleeping in the night. Most importantly avoid night outs during exams, they have the least contribution to make to your grades.

Source: Student’s Guide to Health and Fitness

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