Recover Lost or Deleted Partition using Disk Drill (on Mac)

Disk Drill Data Recovery Software for Mac and Windows

How many times have we lost or deleted data and regretted not saving a back-up or found it impossible to recover deleted files and recover deleted partition on mac? I am sure, we all, at least once in our lives have experienced this issue.

If you have deleted the partition on your mac by mistake and are desperately looking to recover the deleted partition then this is for you. Although there are many software out there that promises to retrieve your system’s lost data you’ll find most of this software to be time-consuming and arduous to use.

To my surprise, Disk Drill proved to be different. This lost partition recovery software is simple and easy to operate. I had been looking for a decent mac data recovery software that doesn’t demand to download endless files or have a long and complicated procedure. When I came across Disk Drill I wasn’t quite sure how effective the outcome would be. However, I decided to give it a try. It took about 50 MB disk space and downloaded in less than a minute. The software is available for both Mac and windows.

I was happy to learn that the software can recover any file format, and can reconstruct over 200 file types using multiple recovery methods. Be it your official documents, music, photos or videos, Disk Drill challenges to retrieve every gene of data lost from your system. The software promises to recover data from all the major devices including iOS and Android. One doesn’t have to be an expert to use this software. Anyone can recover data by following these easy steps.

For Deleted Partition Recovery on Mac visit official website and follow the steps. For more info refer to the Disk Drill website.

Step 1: Go to the website homepage. Click on the “Free Download” icon and it will be download instantly.

Disk Drill Recover files from Mac - Download
How To Recover Deleted or Lost Partition on Mac with Disk Drill

Step 2: Install the software and click on the ‘continue’ icon at the bottom right.

Disk Drill Getting Started
Disk Drill — Mac Data Recovery Software

Step 3: A window appears showing the disks and folders with all the lost or deleted data. You will see the ‘recover’ or ‘import’ option beside each disk or folder. Now, click on one of the ‘recover/ import’ buttons one-by-one to recover deleted files in mac.

Disk Drill Mac Backup
Disk Drill Mac Backup

You will see the list of folders recovered as in the following. The recovering data can be paused and continued later without causing any hindrance to the saving files.

Step 4: You can save all the folders at the same time.

Disk Drill Mac Deleted Files Recovered Successfully
Disk Drill Mac Deleted Files Recovered Successfully

Step 5: In case you would like to check and save a specific file it can be done by opening subfolders and files within. You’ll see a pop-up with plugins information. Download the plugins if they are missing from your system and take a quick look before downloading.

Disk Drill Plugins
Disk Drill Plugins

Disk Drill can also recover your deleted partitions. You can use this Partition Recovery page shared above and follow the steps.

You will have your files recovered with these 5 simple steps. In case, you get confused or have queries, the website provides a 24 hours chat assistance – ‘CleverFiles Assist’ where all your questions will be answered promptly.

You can download the Disk Drill software for Mac and Windows depending on your requirement. If it’s for personal use by a single person, you can download it for free. For 1 user with up to 3 systems ‘Pro’ version can be purchased for $89 only. The ‘Enterprise’ version is mainly for large enterprises with a huge database; it can be purchased for $399.

Disk Drill for Mac OS X Pro and Enterprise prices
Disk Drill for Mac OS X Pro and Enterprise prices

It is a simple, easy, and highly recommended software solution to all your data recovery requirements. Don’t forget to give it a try and let me know how it works for you.

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