DoorBot ups your home security!

Technological advances are the blessing in our life these days. It’s what makes our life easier and drives us into a better future. Home security is one such issue, that when dealt with technological precision, brings about positivity in our livelihood. DoorBot does just that, and more!

Doorbot - Deal with visitors vis your smartphone/ tablet
Doorbot – Deal with visitors vis your smartphone/ tablet

DoorBot is a Wi-Fi-enabled doorbell, which helps you speak to the person at door, without having to physically be going to the door. The bell has a very simple working, a built-in camera (with infrared for nighttime support) captures live video of the person who presses the button, a notification then pops up on the owner’s phone or tablet (iOS and Android) that gives the option to display the video feed on the app. The DoorBot user can speak to the visitor through the app, and also unlock the door if they have Lockitron.

The Coolest Doorbell Imaginable [DoorBot]:

The gadget works on four AA batteries which are expected to last for about a year at-least. The doorbell doesn’t come with any anti-theft software or capabilities, but costs much cheaper than any other automation systems with similar answering capabilities. The product costs $189. In appearance the product looks pretty chic, not too complicated. It has a perforated brushed aluminum faceplate; the internal and external components are carefully designed to endure the elements. The camera on the DoorBot has adjustable lens so that you position it to your preference.

Special features of the product include that you don’t even have to be at home in-order to respond to the door bell, this way you can leave instructions or messages to the visit, or just avoid them all together. The bell is not only user friendly in terms of the app and usage but also in installation of the device. Owners can use 4 screws, or the bracket included with the product to mount it. Once that mini task has been accomplished, the next step is to download the free app, and sync it with the DoorBot. The satisfaction that this interactive doorbell gives is beyond, you can use it when you aren’t at home but don’t want the kids or their nanny to answer the door bell. It comes handy and suits almost every lifestyle.

The fact that we are always with our phone or tablet makes this bell a sure shot in reliability, you can never miss a visitor even if you’re not at home, or simply deal with them when away or inside the house without having to come all the way to the door.

It’s not been long since the product has hit the market, but there have been tremendous amount of positive reviews about the DoorBot, in theory and in practice this bell is something of a requirement in our busy lives, and synchronizing anything with your smartphone or tablet is a Win Win! It is no doubt that the product has been described as “One of the best looking concepts we’ve seen” by Engadget.

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