Easiest Tip to Fix Apps Freezing & Crashing on Android

Apps freeze or crash may happen any point of time when you use your smartphone device. It may cause due to over occupied storage space, slow Internet connection, due to bloatware, or for many reasons. You can fix this issue by following some simple steps discussed in this article. We have also included some Android built-in features that help you find a solution to app freezing and crashing situation.

Restart your Device: This is a quick solution to fix various performance related issues on your Android device. This simple process will stop all active and background services at once to reopen again in a fresh attempt. It will also help you free up RAM space to give a boost to your device performance. Further, it will be helpful to fix any problem that is causing freeze or crash of your device. To restart your device, simply press and hold the power button to select restart option.

Android - Update Softwares
Android – Update Softwares – Image source: inlovewithandroid – Image source: inlovewithandroid

Update Software & Apps: Each software upgrade brings you certain bug fixes, security patches, and performance improvement features. If your device is crashing or freezing due to some issue with the software then simple software update process will help you find and fix that issue. Apart from software update on your Android device, you can also look for apps update for better results. To update software, go to Settings > About Phone/Device > Software Update. To update apps, go to Google Play Store > My Apps & Games > Updates.

Android - Downloading Software Updates
Android – Downloading Software Updates – Image source: gadgetstouse

Check Internet Connection: Slow performing Internet connection can cause a freeze or crash like situation on your device. If you are on Wi-Fi and experiencing expected than slower speed then you should first restart your router and your device as a quick fix. Next is to try some other network on Wi-Fi. If you are using mobile data network, try to come into the open place for better connectivity.

Slow Internet
Slow Internet – Image Source: smartchoice

Clear App Cache: Your device stores app cache whenever you use the app. This cache data accumulates in large volume over time on your device and cause trouble performing different apps. If you are finding certain apps crash or freeze situation then try to simply push the “Clear Cache” option under app information in Settings. To do this, go to Settings > Application Manager and sift through the apps to find culprit app. Open the app information and press “Clear Cache” button. Tap Force Stop. Restart your device and start using app normally.

Android - App Clear Cache
Android – App Clear Cache – Image Source: ubergizmo

Remove Bloatware: Lot of unnecessary apps & programs come pre-installed on your device as a bloatware. This bloatware includes various items which you rarely use thus they remain idle on your device storage occupying precious storage space. Many of these apps & programs also run in the background all the time occupying precious device resources and cause performance issues including crash and freezing of device and various apps. To remove bloatware, simply go to Settings > Application Manager and swipe left to find All apps. Sift through the list to find unnecessary apps and uninstall or disable them instantly. This Android phone cleaner activity will help you quickly fix various issues.

Remove Bloatware by App Uninstall
Remove Bloatware by App Uninstall – Image source: nablettech

Wipe Cache Partition: Wiping cache partition will help you find and clean all junk and temporary files from your device storage. It will also help you clean storage space and boost device performance. To use this feature, follow these steps.

Android - Wipe Cache Partition
Android – Wipe Cache Partition – Image Source: gadgetguideonline
  • Turn off the Android device.
  • Press and hold Home, Power button, and Volume down buttons your device.
  • Hold down the buttons until you see Recovery menu on your device.
  • Select Recovery mode by navigating through volume buttons and select it by Power button.
  • Now when your device is under Recovery mode, navigate to “Wipe Cache Partition” option and choose it by Power button.
  • Next is to reboot your device by selecting “Reboot System Now” option from the menu and selecting it using the Power button.

Reinstall App: If all fails try to uninstall and then reinstall the app that is crashing or freezing. To do this, simply go to Google Play Store to download and install the app.

Conclusion: Android offers various built-in utilities to help you fix almost all issues on your device. Following these simple yet powerful built-in utilities, you can instantly boost the device speed and performance. It is even useful when your device is facing app crash or freeze like situation. Further, following these tools, you can save your time and efforts as well.

Summary: Android offers various built-in utilities and features to help you fix app crash or freeze like situation. In this article, we have elaborated some of these steps to help you fix the app to freeze and crash situation.

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