10 years of easy Auto title Loans Miami with Embassy Loans

Money matters have been the topic of discussion in the recent past. With economies crashing and focus shifting on good money management for the common people; it’s even more crucial for us to know when to take a loan and from where.

There are unfortunate times when taking a loan becomes unavoidable for many, especially in case of emergencies. In Miami there’s one such leading provider of auto title loans; since 2005 Embassy Loans has catered to hundreds of customers and provided them a satisfactory service.

There are various options available as per need via Loans Miami schemes at Embassy Loans. The company headquarters are at Cooper City, Florida. They have expanded their offices rapidly since they started off, and now have 32 offices within Florida! This is great for customers to not just get loans but have any queries answered quickly. Miami has their largest customer base and their Auto Equity loans Miami are super reliable. They are the go-to if you are looking for Car title loans Miami. Title loans are the safest way to get a loan without any lengthy procedures. They also do not require prolonged credit checks, making them a great option for anyone looking for Auto title loans Miami.

Any loan company warrants the best service, so what makes Embassy Loans stand out? Well, for starters, they have a clear vision on the customers they are catering to. Embassy loans specialises in Auto Equity Loans because they understand that their customers may require immediate cash, especially when faced with an emergency. They are primarily based in Florida so if you are looking for Miami car title loans definitely consider Embassy Loans.

How it Works

Understanding how Embassy Loans operates in giving cash loans is very crucial. When you approach them for a Car title loan, you are basically deriving loan via your cars credit worth. That’s what essentially determines your loan value. So, the newer and better your car, the higher credit value and hence a larger amount in cash as loan, Embassy Loans offers car title loans to Miami customers anywhere between $500 and $10,000. How much will depend on your cars value as explained. The highpoint of their loan scheme is that you don’t lose access to your car. You can still drive it and hold on to it. The loan is purely based on the Car title and no compromise is made on your ownership in terms of usage while under the loan. When you are able to come to a stable financial position you can pay off the loan and buy back your car title and resume full ownership.

The actual process is not just simple and easy to wrap your mind around, but it’s incredibly fast. Unlike banks and other loan agencies, Embassy loans have a quick 4 step procedure to procure a loan with them. The main criteria is to own a car and possess the paperwork needed for the Car title loan. In most cases applicants are able to get the loan money on the same day of application. Now isn’t that fantastic especially in an emergency?

Method of Application

Step one and step two are the basic procedures of filling out a simple form of application and submitting documents. The form is available online to fill; customers can also call on their helpline number for assistance. Information required for filling the form is just basic details of the owner of the car, and information about the car. This is very important as it will be the main determinant of how much loan amount you qualify for. The good thing is that the representatives are helping and enable you to get all your documents together. These documents are also not annoying to procure; they are basic documents about the car, drivers’ license, utility bills etc. At this stage a comprehensive and collision is required to be prepaid for the term of the loan, Embassy Loans provides an optional collision waiver debt cancellation addendum if at all a customer is unable to make the payment. Step three requires a car inspection, this also is crucial for determining the loan amount you qualify for.

There are 31 inspection stations available for that, or it can simply be done online if more convenient. Step four is reached after the loan is approved and you get to withdraw the cash from the nearest MoneyGram outlet. There are thousands within Florida, so no worries about that. Truly Embassy Loans has made it easy to procure loans without having to show credit worth and run around banks, filling a zillion forms. All this and you get to keep your car too!

The Customer Service

The monthly Interest Rates range from 1.5% to 2.5% (18% to 30% APR), with 12-14 Month Terms, There are also no prepayment penalties. Over 100 reviews are available just on their website, and many more across the internet. Embassy Loans has been operating for over a decade and definitely know that their customers are important and need to be dealt with in the best manner possible.

Their aim is to be able to sanction loans as soon as possible, and make loans a stress-free matter. Their website can be accessed in English and Spanish making it user friendly and opening doors to Spanish speakers. A blog on the website also provides information about the loans, company and just general information needed for anyone who is thinking about a car title loan. An FAQ section with audio visual response to frequently asked questions is super easy to navigate and understand.

If your car title is already on a loan, and you’re towards the end of paying it off, you can call the Embassy Loan offices to get direction on if you can apply for a new one. They are determined to help you. You also have the option to pay off your loan online with a small fee. This is the last step that makes your whole Embassy loan experience completely an online one if that’s what’s more convenient and practical for you.

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  1. In this article it is mentioned about auto title loans Miami with embassy loans. Auto title loans since 2005 embassy loans has catered to hundreds of customers and provided them a satisfactory service. Hence this is a informational article!

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