Entrepreneur in Focus: Martha Stewart

People are becoming rich all over the world, many stories have been narrated and songs been sung in praises. Nothing, however, beats self-made; such is the story of the infamous Martha Stewart, the first self-made female billionaire.

Martha Helen Stewart - Worlds first self-made Billionaire Woman
Martha Helen Stewart – Worlds first self-made Billionaire Woman

In a world where money is everything everyone’s after and the more they make, the more they want, how did Martha Stewart become an inspiration for women entrepreneurs all over the globe?

For starters, Stewart’s life was as every day as it could get, she made money babysitting, but she had dreams and, most importantly, talent and aptitude. Stewart is known for her food and an array of easy, fun recipes, but she never formally was educated from any culinary school; her mother taught her how to sew and cook.

Biography of Martha Stewart: Life and Career.

The American Business magnate saw more than her fair share of downfalls in her businesses. She had always had personality issues, which were made evident to the common public. Martha Stewart brought the homey touchy feeling back into everyone’s household in a country like the US, where culture seems to be dying, and everyone is blindly following the weirdest of ways to feel modern.

Even if you’re not the cooking, sewing sort, you will enjoy watching her TV shows and just feeling the warmth of a woman who knows homemaking and everything synonymous with culture and security.

In brief, her first business venture was that of catering; through one of her catering jobs, she landed a book deal with the Crown Publishing Group. When her first book became a success, she got the opportunity to release more, focusing on an array of cooking themes.

Martha got all the publicity she needed to be a known name in the industry. And while she was in the stride of a book releasing, she was featured in various newspapers and appeared on big TV shows. Even though the business side of her life was shining bright, her marriage fell apart.

Moving on from books, Martha became the editor-in-chief of the Martha Stewart Living Magazine, which was a big rave and brought Stewart even more publicity; she was declared as “the definitive American woman of our time” by the New York Times in 1995.

Stewart saw great potential in herself and her brand. She soon started a new company Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. Still, while enjoying the money it was making, she tripped a little and was subjected to court trials and finally prison. However, Martha got back and gained control of her company after being released from prison in 2005. And in 2012, she became the chairman of her company again.

Women like Stewart tend to offer the business world a little more than money-making; they are a source of inspiration. No matter the trials one goes through, having faith in oneself will always get you back to where you want to be, i.e., The top. Martha exudes that, and her accomplishments speak volumes in that regard.

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