Fitso – The App to achieve your fitness goals

We are living in the world of Apps. They are helping us get through our day, stay motivated, and basically everything. Fitness Apps have grown considerably over the past few years, everyone who is a fitness enthusiast or just simply looking to monitor their health is using them.

One such app created and developed by Indians is Fitso App, available for both Android and iOS users, it’s an app that aims at making fitness an ‘addictive experience’. Talk about lifestyle change!

How to use Fitso App

Fitso was founded in 2015 and since then has developed into a household name in the fitness market. The app has been created very thoughtfully, it’s for individuals who know what they want in terms of fitness. They have mainly 4 broad aspects that one can opt for;

  1. Tracking your run/ride – You can have your run/ride tracked via GPS, to measure your pace, distance and calorie burn. The App helps you to connect with others near you who are pursuing the same. And for those days of needing motivation, the app presents challenges to compete in and win rewards.
  2. Train for a race – Now this is a trending fitness regime most people are getting into. India is getting popular with its 10K races, and who doesn’t want to support a good cause and also build their fitness? The app is not for those who are already fitness freaks, they actually have a plan of ‘couch to 5K’! and also ‘full marathon’. While you work on your marathon skills, you will assisted by an audio coach and the running plans are professionally designed. You can also hire an professional coach who can cater to your individual needs for achieving your running goals. This is probably the best feature of the app; being able to connect with a coach to get the personalised help that is professional in nature.
  3. Get Fit – You have a fitness goal you want to achieve? You can find free fitness plans based on what you wish to target. The app provides high-quality bodyweight training videos., something for fitness freaks to take their body to another level. Here too you have the option to hire yourself a personal coach in order to reach your goals faster and more efficiently.
  4. Lose Weight – Probably the reason why most people browse through fitness apps! The weight loss plans provided by the app are based on your lifestyle, you can get an idea and track your daily calorie intake by logging your daily meals. This information can be converted to get a profesiional nutritionists advice on diet to lose weight efficiently.

Fitso isn’t any ordinary app, it helps you to get professional help no matter what your fitness aim is, one on one consultation with the coach and daily support chat are some of the exclusive features of this app. In the world we are living in today, most of us derive great motivation when we have a fleet of people we know doing the same as us. The Apps community connection feature enables you to get introduced to people using the app. You can also discuss their progress and derive inspiration from them.


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