Flashbacks of 35 Things that Modern Technology has replaced

Things that Modern Technology has replaced the old technology

Evolution is integral to the process of growth and development, and it’s vital to adapt to the process to ensure the basic human existence. Now, this Darwinian concept fits perfectly when it comes to technology as well.

The technological innovations have touched our lives in such a way that, not being surrounded by them doesn’t seem normal anymore. But the scenario was quite different even two decades ago when Siri or Alexa was still a figment of the imagination. So let’s take a moment to reminisce and revisit the bygone times when people were still warming up to the idea of technology.

  1. Sending hand-written letters: There was a time when opening a hand-written letter of a loved-one seemed no less thrilling.
  2. Putting photos into albums: Remember the time when all your precious moments found a place in the pages of a photo album? Priceless!
  3. Typing documents on a typewriter: This worthy predecessor of a computer used to have a place of pride in many offices and households.
  4. Telegrams as a medium of communication: During the time it was invented, it revolutionized the process of communication, but with the changing times it has sadly lost its significance.
  5. Vinyl Records: These records were a major source of entertainment, back when ABBA, The Beatles, or Elvis Presley were ruling the hearts of the people.
  6. Landline connection: Although some households still have the landline connection even today, most people today choose to rely on wireless connections.
  7. Developing and printing photographs: While we still develop photographs, but unlike the earlier days, we can do this sitting in the comforts of our homes.
  8. Using a telephone directory: Be it calling a plumber or an ambulance, the telephone directory was always useful back in the days.
  9. Dial-up modems: Dial-up modems were the most potent source of the internet until Wi-Fi came into being.
  10. VHS cassettes: Watching the favourite classics with the family on a VHS was one of the greatest of joys that have been replaced by “Netflix and chill”.
  11. Film reels: Before digital cameras existed, without these film reels clicking a picture was unthinkable.
  12. Folding paper maps: Folding maps were a utility when the GPS navigation system was yet to invade our lives.
  13. CD/DVD Player: Like the vinyl records in most household, this device has also been reduced as a decorative piece, with most of the movies are now available for download or online streaming.
  14. Volumes of Encyclopedia: Gone are the days when you had to turn over the pages of an encyclopedia to enhance your knowledge.
  15. Going to a travel agency before taking a vacation: With the advent of technology, you will no longer have to head to a travel agency to decide on your vacation plans.
  16. Having pen friends: Back when corresponding through email or SMS were not an option, this used to be the common form of networking.
  17. Using pagers to send messages: Pagers were the evolved version of the good old-fashioned telegrams and the predecessor to the various instant messaging services.
  18. Wired telephones: Wired telephones were a rage in the field of communication when it was first invented.
  19. Old fashioned mobile phones: Talking about mobile phones, there should be an entire chapter of a book dedicated to its evolution, starting from those huge cordless phone lookalike.
  20. Fax machines: With the invention of email and internet Fax machines have also turned into a thing of the past.
  21. Portable CD players: In an age of iPods and Android applications, anyone hardly pays attention to the portable CD players.
  22. Overhead projectors: Earlier many classrooms used to have this device, which has made way for much advance projection technology in recent times.
  23. Paying via cheque: In this era of instant fund transfer, nobody has the patience to go to a bank to deposit a cheque.
  24. Good old video games (Nintendo, Gameboys): Many of you out there would agree that these video games were an inseparable part of your childhood.
  25. Clicking pictures with Polaroid cameras: While some people may argue that Polaroid cameras are still in vogue, but in a selfie-obsessed world they don’t serve the purpose.
  26. Rounded screen TVs: The metamorphosis of the humble Television would make J.L.Baird proud since it has come a long way since the rounded screen television.
  27. Keyboards and buttons on devices: We no longer live in an era where keyboards and buttons were an added feature to a device. A simple touch can get done a lot.
  28. Board Games: While it’s debatable, but board games have also somewhat lost out with the advancement of technology. Although, many such games have been revived digitally in recent times.
  29. Dictaphones: This used to be a go-to device for reporters and journalists until smartphones with sound recording features came into the picture.
  30. Going to the bank to transact: It’s no longer necessary to be physically present to avail the services of the bank, as most of the transactions can be done online or through your phone.
  31. Sending Post Cards while away: This has also become a thing of the past, as most people are connected through social media and various video calling apps.
  32. Buying newspapers: Some may still believe that newspapers are still the trusted source of information, but even they adopted various online portals to disseminate the news.
  33. Printed bills or bank statements: While they are still very much in use, but many retail chains and shops have taken a more technologically advanced route.
  34. Making calls from a telephone booth: Well, even Superman doesn’t use it to make calls, and that basically sums how much it has lost its relevance.
  35. Dot matrix Printers: These devices existed in the early days of the printing technology, and since then it has paved the way for many advanced types of printers.

They say, nothing lasts forever, and the same applies to these devices. And, while they may have lost (or are losing) their significance, they certainly will be fondly remembered by most of us and will be a part of our memories which many of us will cherish forever.

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