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Custom Designed Tablet and Mobile Case from

No one can deny the fact that all of us have some kind of creativity that distinguishes us from others. This we showcase in terms of designing our cloths and some of us have also designed the interiors of our homes.

So why shouldn’t we try a hand at making our phone case an attractive piece? In order to help you find an answer to this decided to provide you with an opportunity to explore your creative side. Now you don’t have to choose from one of those boring designs in the stores and satisfy yourself with it. Be bold and create your masterpiece!

Custom Case for your mobiles and tablets from
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Don’t worry; your masterpiece won’t take as long as others do. You just have to follow 3 simple steps and you custom made case is in your hand before you know it. You will have to start with choosing the device from among 30 + popular brands that are available on their list. The next choice you have to make is a template.

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You could use their creativity and choose one from the available designs or place your mind on your case by choosing a plain one. The last step gives you an opportunity to add colors, photos or messages to give it a touch of your uniqueness. Once you have done this just place an order. This will have your product delivered to you in just 3-4 working days. That’s a lot quicker than what we can expect, isn’t it?

Let me now give you an idea of the technological aspect too. With Micron Transmat Thermal Technology or MT³ for short you will have the world’s best customized case for your device. This technology makes sure every part of the case showcases your design and prevents it from peeling off with time. For permanently embedding your design on the case they use Thermal Printing Methods.

The 3D printing capability allows your design to spread evenly on your case making it look unique and beautiful. The other features include Micron μ Level Printing which gives an extraordinary level of detail, Incomparable high resolution and rich print quality and vibrant colors with full-tone striking finishes.

Excited about the idea? Check out now and grab your favorite product!

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Custom Designed Tablet and Mobile Case from
Custom Designed Tablet and Mobile Case from
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Bespoke Print Technology


Micron Transmat Thermal Technology; MT³


Thermal Printing


Micron μ Level Printing


Prints all sides



  • Print quality is awesome
  • Pretty light weight cases
  • One year warranty
  • A kind of 3D printing technology
  • Wide range of smartphone covers are available


  • Cost is little high - but worth for quality

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