Goodbye Websites, Hello Mobile Apps!

iOS Application Development Trends

Going mobile-first or mobile-only seems to make perfect sense currently. Increasingly users are choosing apps over web browsers for accessing information, playing games, surfing the internet, booking a table, or even making payments! So is mobile really the future of everything? Let’s take a look.

A couple of years back, many of us wouldn’t ever believe that with the power of our Smartphones, we could call a cab at 5 AM, book a table for 3, check in to flights, and even transfer money to anyone across the globe!

Mobile application development has truly taken over and the transformation is mind-blowing! And with the New Year ringing in, 2016 promises further advancements and mobile app development trends which all Android app developers and mobile app development companies are eagerly looking forward to!

If your brand or for example if you are an Android app development company that still lacks an online presence either in the form of a mobile application or a responsive website, it’s high time you must create one as you are losing out on potential users and customers which would have a direct impact on your profits. Before we move on to which is better, in the long run, a mobile app or a website, let’s take a look at the basic differences between the two.

Both mobile applications, as well as websites, are accessed on smartphones and tablets. However, a mobile website is just like any other website as it consists of browser-based HTML pages that are connected together and can be accessed only with an active Internet connection.

The main difference between a mobile website and any other website is the basic fact that it is solely developed for a small handheld device and touch-screen interface. Just like the other websites of the Internet, websites developed for smartphones and other gadgets can display content, data, images, and videos too.

On the other hand, mobile applications are directly downloaded and installed on your mobile device, instead of getting access to it within a browser. In order to download an app, users need to visit specific stores such as the App Store, and Google play store to find specific apps. The mobile app can either get data from the Internet just like a website, or it may download the content so that the users can use it offline too.

However, mobile phones have truly taken over right from accessing specific features such as GPS, booking tickets, getting real-time information and so much more. With people walking around with smartphones in their pockets, they provide a whole new opportunity for marketers and enterprises, be it a small mobile app development company or a large enterprise. Here are some key ways how businesses are making the most through mobile applications.

Geo-Targeted Push Notifications:        

Catch your potential consumers and active users on the go wherever they are simply with push notifications! They are the messages sent by mobile apps on your devices that are sent with the purpose of enhancing user engagement as well as increasing traffic.

They are also used to get an insight into customer behavior, make it very user-friendly for them to use, and also are complementary communication channels for marketers. Here are some examples of how marketers and agencies can make the most of push notifications:

  • A music band or the place where they are supposed to perform at can notify all the fans in the particular city or area that the tickets are on the verge of getting sold out or they can even be reminded to come early for the concert!
  • A restaurant or lounge can easily boost loyalty by sending a special offer to regular visitors and even the ones who are not so regular.
  • A popular shopping outlet can notify its regular visitors about the upcoming snowstorm or rains thus achieving the purpose of brand recall.


Smartphones have provided massive sales opportunities. And how? Since consumers and potential customers are always with their gadgets next to them or in their hands, the morning travel, waiting in line to pay bills or doctor’s appointments. The options are many and these are the right times to get hold of your customers to remind or notify them about your brand.

Additional Data:

Apart from boosting sales and loyalty, another benefit of mobile apps to businesses is that they can track every move of their customer when they use the app. Which feature do they use the most or which feature causes them to get rid of the app on their phones? Tracking signals from mobile devices has opened up a whole new world of analytics and data-gathering options for marketers, retailers, and digital marketing specialists.

Apart from the above main points, mobile apps are preferred over websites any day, as they are simple, easy to use, convenient, faster, and very easy to browse as compared to surfing the web on their gadgets.

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