A Complete Guide to Small Business Trends For 2019

Small business trends

No business success equation is complete without changes implementation. The changes are better. And, they must be introduced constantly to stay up-to-date with the evolving customer’s needs, changing market conditions, and the latest technology innovations.

At the onset of the year 2019, it’s a good time for the businesses to learn the lessons from all the peaks and valleys, and rethink the strategy embracing advanced technology and new trends in order to stand out the competition.

For small businesses, it’s tricky to incorporate the changes as it’s difficult to figure out which trend will positively or negatively impact the businesses. We have got the small businesses’ needs covered by presenting a list of the small business trends that certainly let the entrepreneurs accomplish the goal when they pursuing the same.

The workplace will get modernized

The workplace just doesn’t mean the employees should glue to the desk and work inside the four walls of the office. Instead, the shift towards remote working will surge. Thanks to a sharp rise in the communication channels, increasingly, the employees of a company will work in a distributed environment with great collaboration. The rise of the BYOD approach also promotes this trend.

Besides, high stress, poor work-life balance, and low morale of the employees don’t allow the employees to perform to their peak efficiency. The small business will prioritize the well being of the staff and make efforts to increase the emotional quotient of the employees with motivational workshops, providing flexibility in working timings and places, and not giving them an overdose of work.

When the air of joy, happiness, and enthusiasm is filled in the workplace, it will engage the employees, boost productivity, and even retain employees, if they left the job.

Marketing world will become local

In the digital age, marketing the products with newspaper ads, banners, billboards, and pamphlet has become a thing of the past. Taking a step forward, sending the same type of messages or emails to all the users also won’t work.

Turning the generic marketing campaigns to personalized marketing campaigns has become a need of the hour as the impersonal CTA, and irrelevant messages have failed to add value and convince the users.

In 2019, the marketing campaigns will be hyper-targeted based on the user’s geography, demographics, browsing patterns, and buying history, which will give a feeling of personal touch to the customers when they receive the message from the brand.

Additionally, the hidden insights unlocked from the data generated by the marketing campaigns through big data analytics will help in creating and modifying the marketing strategies which in the end bring winning upshots.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning technology will also make inroads into marketing strategies. As the world is going touchless, businesses will implement voice search technology to allow the users to search for the products, and make the payment by their voice. The voice search makes the search easy and faster that enhances the user’s engagement with the brand.

Second, the user’s reviews and ratings will continue to influence the user’s buying decisions. The businesses can use the review forums to drive marketing campaigns where the user reviews will become the biggest weapon to bring more leads down the sales funnel.

Improved customer service

Gone are the days when the customers place a call to the customer support to get an answer to their query and then wait for a couple of hours to get the response from the support team. The tech-savvy customers expect the response at the moment and in a few taps or a single touch. Further, the reply must be tailored to the user’s queries, instead of a generic answer.

Understanding the importance of prompt support, the businesses will show more inclination towards live chat, in-app call, predictive analytics, and automated chatbots in 2019.

The predictive analytics will allow the businesses to recognize the user’s expectations in advance, AI chatbots reduce the expenditure and deliver great customer experience by providing the custom response (After analyzing the user’s previous interactions and buying patterns) in an automated fashion, and the instant connection and reply from the customer support through live chat or in-app calling will help in adapting to modern customers’ needs.

Giving more priority to the fast, smooth, and personalized service through customer support will help the businesses gain major user traction and hold a tight grip on the existing ones.

Focus on cybersecurity

The increasing frauds and security attacks have created waves in the last decade. It’s critical for the small businesses to give more credence to the data safety as it directly impacts the trust and faith which customers place in the brand and that takes years to build.

The businesses will ensure that no loose end is left in the application which allows the fraudsters to put a dent in the data security. The much-hyped technology – Blockchain will be a welcomed addition to the applications to make malware attacks completely impossible.

The sensor-based technology- Internet Of Things is expected to be a part of the workplace to avoid the unauthorized intrusion of the people in a restricted area, which prevents theft cases.

Significant changes in public policies

The public policies will have direct implications on the businesses from large enterprises to small businesses. Presently, in the USA, the political conditions such as Trump administration and Democratic party’s victory in the House Of Representatives are good for the businesses to flourish.

The recent GDPR regulation that has gone into the effect the last year in the UK has a serious impact on the businesses, but they had proven to be the best for the businesses in the long run in terms of the rich insights that consent offers, analyzation of the changes in the user behavior, increased transparency in the customer-business relationship, and improved data management.


Presently, the businesses are living and breathing in the CHANGE landscape where innovations stay at the heart of the business operations, workflow, and process execution.

At the dawn of the year 2019, it’s vital for the entrepreneurs to be certain about the trends to follow and technologies to embrace in order to invest time, money, and efforts in the right direction and raise a toast to success.

The compiled list of business trends that will rock in 2019 lets you focus on the important things and move forward by teaming up with the best software development company. Beat your entrepreneurial beast by warmly-cuddling the latest trends.

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