HIRIS – A Fully Loaded Gadget!

HIRIS - a wearable computer, for everyone!

Today I’m going to introduce you to a technological creation product that can take care of all your needs when you decide to burn calories. Its name is as unique as its features.

HIRIS is a hexagonal device on the wrist that monitors the heartbeat, the number of calories burned, and even the board’s precise position.

This wearable computer will fit into your life without disturbing your lifestyle. HIRIS is the only gadget that is a combination of fitness tracking and gesture controlling. They are presently on the lookout for funding that can help them realize their new product, which is a modular wearable computer powerful enough to analyze 3D gesture movements and track fitness and sports performance in real-time.

The diversities in its usage is what makes HIRIS unique! It will give you all the information regarding your heart rate; calories burned, steps taken, and miles you ran. This is not it; you can also control various this at home with this unique device. You can control your Smartphone, connected home devices, like lighting, and even flying drones. All this, only with a flick of your wrist. So just one thing and you’re sorted.

HIRIS test: Real-time motion analysis

HIRIS test: real-time motion analysis from Hiris on Vimeo.

The flexibility in its usage is also an attraction of HIRIS. It can be put to your ankles, knees, snowboards, or tennis rackets. I’m sure this flexibility was not available with any other device in this category. Speaking about the same founder, Marco Gaurdina said

When HIRIS was conceptualized, we knew that the technology needed to adapt to people, and not the other way around.

Our team came together to pursue a single mission: change the way we think about technology by making a wearable computer for affordable and usable wearable devices in any situation. Since the beginning of its development, HIRIS was made to be the first modular, expandable, and customizable wearable computer.

HIRIS – MTV Digital Days

HIRIS – MTVDigitalDays from Hiris on Vimeo.

Their goal is to reach a target of 80,000 dollars. Let us hope that they can reach this target at the earliest. HIRIS will be available to you from March 1st this year. So take a look at their site http://igg.me/at/hiris/x

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