How Collaboration Is Made Easier Nowadays

Team Collaboration

Naturally, you cannot complete any work without collaboration, whether it’s completing any project or starting up a new venture. While working on any project or venture, a single person can’t do everything.

He will probably need to consult his colleagues and collaborate with them as and when needed. Employees often collaborate with their colleagues in the same office or remote locations.

Challenge of collaboration

To complete a project or task, human resources can be pooled from different locations, and it might not be possible for them to travel to the head office. They may stay at their bases and collaborate to give shape to any idea. Now, there lies the challenge.

A person sitting in Sydney has to work with another team who is working in London. Earlier it took hours to communicate with other people, which led to unnecessary delays! However, now as collaboration is much easier, thanks to the latest technology, one can share files, make audio or video calls, or arrange conferences within a few minutes. Even communication with remote workers is now easy, and employees or teams from different offices can work together.

Let’s find out how.

Popular collaboration tools:


One of the best tools that assist the most in collaboration is Dropbox. This software allows employees to access their documents, articles, and files from anywhere, anytime.

This is very useful as it let you share your files with other members of your team easily. When you create shared folders, those folders will appear on the computer of every member. Anyone who has the right to access those files can access those files from their own computer.

It’s so simple that you copy a file on your computer, put in the file you want to share, and share it with others. It’s that simple. You do not need an intranet or any other network for sharing your files with other relevant people around the globe.


Another best way to communicate with others sitting on another side of the globe is Skype. It allows video conference, and while working on any project, if you feel that you need to communicate with other members, just call them on Skype. It will be great to face an interview while the interviewer is sitting somewhere else in the country or the world!


This software is very helpful in managing the progress of your project. This card-based system enables you to create custom columns, like “in-progress” “to-do lists” that can be used by you to organize tasks assigned to every individual. After you mention the tasks, it will be added as a small card to the column.

Set a due date or write comments to know their status and work according to the scheduled work. It’s simple, and the app runs on tablets, mobiles, everything. So, a great thing that makes collaboration easier.

Many other ways have made collaboration easy nowadays. Instant messaging is worth mentioning here as you can communicate with anybody anywhere in the world with it. It takes a few seconds to share things and discuss matters with the help of various instant messaging.

Even companies to make collaboration easier within their company have made company wikis and chats that make it possible for employees to get connected and know what their counterpart thinks about any project or how are they proceeding with the project. So, when technology is by your side, only one thing can be said, Happy Collaborating!

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