How to Make a Tour & Travel Application That Shines from Other Apps?

Summary: “This content is for travel businesses and agencies, who don’t an app for their customers. They will know the importance of having an app for their business and how they can make their app shine from other apps.”

Do you know that approximately 30% of travel sales in the United States is generated by mobile devices? According to eMarketer, mobile travel researchers will account for 71.3% of digital travel researchers in the US.

With the constant growth in technology, the whole is becoming small and reachable. Now with it, the fact of the journey itself is no longer a big deal. Any place, any hotel, and any destination you want to visit is just a few taps away on your smartphone. Now, tour and travel agencies can make their own travel application for their customers, allowing them to get information about any destination and place easily.

Before, looking at the other information about developing a travel application, let’s check out some of the important facts about it:

  • Approximately 85% of leisure travellers use their smartphone while they are in abroad.
  • 46% prefer to check-in to a location while on a holiday.
  • 30% of people have used mobile applications to search hotel deals.

As per the Nielsen, the unique audience for travel apps has been increased to 11% in only one year from 123655 million in 2014 to 137,225 million in 2015, whereas the in-app time spent has been reached to the 2:03 mark that is 40% higher when it is compared to the year before.

With these numbers, you can imagine the demand for travel and tourism application, so if you are running a travel agency or any travel related business, having an application can hugely impact on your business.

To make your travel application stands out from other applications, you can check out these features that are highly important:

Geo-Tracking Services

One of the most important features in a travel application is geo-tracking service. Whenever any traveler lands in a new city, place, or any destination, the first thing he/she would like to search for a hotel, restaurant, or any nearby local attraction.

You should make sure that your travel application must get a GPS lock, track location, and instantly fetch results. Today, you can find top travel apps like Tripadvisor that does a great job by allowing users to search nearby places like hotels, restaurants, and attractions.

Make sure to consider this feature when you make a list of features to include in your travel and tourism app. This feature can make a huge impact on your application.

Allow Creating Wish Lists & Save Holiday Details

As you know that many travelers prefer to browse different destinations in their leisure time and wanted to save the plan for their future trips, and there are also such people, who take time to book anything and prefer finding various places that they would like to visit.

Therefore, it is a must that you include a wish-list and saves holiday details feature in your travel application. With this, they can compile the places they would visit in future, so they can save those places and track it.

They can also create a wish-list of the destinations along with their friends and dear ones so whenever they make any plan, they just scroll their list and decide the destination. It will make their planning for a trip a lot easier and hassle-free, and travelers would love to browse and use your application.

In-app Language Translator

In-app language translator also plays an important role when it comes to make a travel application. As compared to other features, it is quite tricky to implement; however, if you can get it working, your travel application can be an instant favorite.

There are various travelers, who are not familiar with a regional language, so they suffer while trying to communicate in a broken manner. Applications like iTranslate and Google Translate enable travelers to scan texts for visual translation, translate real-time voice data and written text also.

When you discuss your features’ list with any travel app development company, ensure that you discuss this feature to stand out from rest of apps.

Itinerary Generator

A widely expected feature ‘itinerary generator’ by travelers and tourists, it is considered as a special feature for them. The itinerary generator will ask the users to mention the locations that they want to visit and automatically develops a travel plan from it.

You can check out the best app example of TripHobo, which allows users to add existing tourist attractions or add custom landmarks to make their trip plan consequently. However, including such types of difficult algorithms is not much easier; however, if you want to make your own travel application successful, hire top travel app developers right now.

Booking Services

You can also include booking services feature in your application, allowing travelers to book flights, hotels, restaurants, or taxi. With booking service feature, you can make it easy for your app users to book and find the best deals so that they can also save on their bookings.

Moreover, you can also set-up notifications for price changes so that users know when the price keeps changing. It would also be a great idea to have an in-built option for transport or hotels check-ins and a loyalty program in one single application.

Weather Forecasting

You can make your travel application stands out from other apps by including weather forecasting feature. You can allow travelers to check the weather of different countries and travel accordingly by carrying essentials.

By alerting travelers of any upcoming weather predictions when they are making their travel itinerary, you can save them from any calamities that they might face while their vacation. You can show weather reports of a vast number of countries like AccuWeather and enable users check cloud formation patterns, wind speed, humidity or anything.

Reviews and Ratings Option

Reviews and ratings is also an important feature that plays a very significant role when it comes to making your application successful. By allowing your app users to give reviews and ratings, you give them a freedom to share their travel experience with other travelers.

Apart from this, you can also include place reviews option so that tourists can read reviews about the places with other tourists. With this, they will be aware of the places and help better the services of hotels, places, and cafes.

So, these are the most important features that can make your travel application stand out from other apps. By including these features in your app, you can serve your app users in a better way and give them a richer experience.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Travel App?

If you have decided to develop a travel application for your agency, the cost of the developing an application is mainly depended upon the features you want to include in it. The cost varies with the number of features that are included in your app.

Moreover, it also depends on the developers you hire for your project. The hourly rates of developer vary country-to-country, but the average cost of travel app development starts from 500– 10000 USD.

However, various people also make use of any significant booking services so that they can save approximately 40 % of the budget. They are providing Application Programming Interface (API) that helps you to access the data for third-party apps. But according to Forbes’ research report, it cost approximately 10000 to 250000 USD to make a travel application with required features.

In case, if you still have any confusion related to the cost or travel application, you can discuss your requirements with any professional mobile app development company that has expertise in developing travel apps.

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