How to Optimize Your Website for Zero-Click Searches

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These days searches using zero clicks are becoming more and more popular, but do you know how to optimize your website for them? This happens for numerous terms that you might see searches happening for all of the time like conversion of currency, definitions of words, fixing something, and even time zones.

However, you should make sure that you know how to optimize your site for these searches since it is highly likely that the users aren’t going to click on any link.

What are Zero Click Searches

Before you can figure out how you are supposed to optimize your website for this type of search, you should know what they are. This is when the user searches for a specific phrase and can get the information through a SERP since they won’t have to click anything. These are the most common types of searches that are done using voice commands and on mobile phones. There are numerous types that you should be aware of, including:

  • Map direction – This type of search is for queries like the closest vegan restaurant or other location that the user needs.
  • Encyclopedia and dictionary – This user would search for various phrases that would contain the words “definition of” or “what is” and even for definitions of specific words.
  • Database – Some searches are being done that are related to names of people and products, age, currency conversions, time and time zones, and more.

This means that around 34.4% of the searches done through a desktop don’t see any clicks on links, while that increases to 62.5% when it comes to mobile phone users. More than likely, this is just going to go up as it has already been increasing steadily for the last few years.

Important Strategies to Consider

One of the things that you would need to do to make sure that you are still getting the traffic and views you need and want is to use some of the best strategies. You need to be able to adapt and use these strategies for your site, and they include:

  • Start using the click metrics when you are making any decisions that have to do with your keywords.
  • Using a holistic based On SERP strategy to bring up more of your elements on the first page
  • Optimizing the content so you can win some of the featured snippets

These are only a few of the main strategies that you would need to implement into your website so that you can see more results.

Why Factor in the Click-Through Numbers

You might not think that you should be factoring in the numbers for the click-through rates, but you need to. These days most of the most popular tools for SEO offer a click-through rate or CTR metric, so make sure that you are using it.

This needs to become one of the top things that you are considering when it comes to which of the keywords will bring you a higher return on your investment or ROI. This means that you shouldn’t just focus on the volume of searches, the difficulty of the keywords, and the current ranking to see where you are these days.

You should make sure that you have featured snippets that are critical to this type of search. You would need to have a high ranking, which should be around number 1 before you can be the top in this area. There are a few steps that you would need to follow for this type of optimization, including:

  • Pulling a report for ranking on all relevant keywords
  • Filter it and find the keywords that are currently ranked in the top 10 positions
  • Filter using the keywords that already have some displayed snippets

Following these steps is the best way to get more views from users who aren’t planning to click any links at all. You should check everything that is already posted and update them as required so that the viewer is getting the best information possible from you.

You must be preparing for the newest and popular trends that are happening when it comes to SEO. You would need to make sure that you know how to optimize your snippets and your website, including getting to the top ranks and creating some snippets. People aren’t always going to be clicking on links if they can get the information simultaneously with their search, so be prepared to get the work done to keep your views.

Image source: Freepik Premium

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