How to Turn Your WordPress Content into EBooks?

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Did you know that you can actually transform your WordPress content into an innovative eBook effortlessly?

In this guide, we are going to look at some of the best eBook plugins in WordPress and the reasons to convert your pages and posts into a document.

EBooks come in different sizes and shapes, from one-page PDFs to epic novels in EPUB format. You can use eBooks as a reward for your audience to complete a specific action, as a source of income, and market your brand.

How eBooks are Helpful to Your Business?

Be it publishing any eBook from the very beginning or just converting existing posts or pages into eBooks, there are different reasons to create one.

A published eBook can improve the credibility of your brand. Along with printing to the published resource to indicate your authority, it also displays your philosophy and works ethics to your potential customers and clients.

Showcase your skills and expertise in eBooks, be it through advice published by you, or just by showing your writing skills, eBook can easily serve as a source of referrals. Actually, an eBook can easily help you get found by the target audience while offering an easy and affordable way to learn from you.

Best Tools to Convert WordPress Content into eBooks

Though you can copy and paste your WordPress blog posts and webpage to a Word document and then publish it as PDF, this process can take a lot of time and can be messy.

Luckily, you can use a few of the WordPress plugins to choose content from your site and gather it in one document with just a few clicks. You can publish these documents in several formats, such as PDF, HTML, and EPUB, according to the tool.


In Pressbooks, you can access commercial and free online services to convert your WordPress content into different eBook formats. It is all possible with a WordPress plugin.

With this free plugin, you can easily transform a WordPress site into a platform for WordPress publishing, instead of just adding some of the amazing features to your WordPress site. On a dedicated installation, you have to install this plugin and use it as your platform to create an eBook.

This free plugin works only on multisite installations. For casual users, it might not be ideal. It is an effective tool to publish your WordPress eBooks. If you seriously want to create a document in the same format, it is better to investigate further. To create the right environment, you can create eBooks in EPUB, PDF, MOBI, XML, and web formats.


Despite a few negative user feedbacks, Anthologize free plugin is surely worth a try because of its amazing features. It can combine several WordPress pages and export them as one PDF document with ease, along with several other formats.

It is very simple and easy to turn your web content into an eBook with this plugin. Install and activate Anthologize on your WordPress site and create a new project which will turn into your eBook.

Each of your projects may have several parts like chapters, and each part may have several pieces of content from the website. It has a very intuitive user interface. To compile the content, you have to display the list of pages and posts on the website and drag and drop the same in the accurate part of the project.

This plugin supports pages, posts, and custom posts. So, you can easily add standard content from your page to an eBook. After adding the various pieces of content to your project, you can easily drag and drop to rearrange them in the proper order and position them.

Once you are satisfied with the structure, export the content in one single document. Before making the final version, you can easily add other information to your ebooks, such as publishing, author, and copyright details.

Before choosing the format, you can add any acknowledgments and dedication. It supports different formats like PDF, ePUB, RTF, HTML, and its official Anthologize TEI. Before the export process starts, the user can set the font family and font size.

BestWebSoft PDF & Print

Rather than converting your content in a pre-packed eBook, you may allow your visitors to download separate pages and posts in PDF format using BestWebSoft PDF & Print plugin. Your audience will love it if you are going to publish useful resources and guides.

Click on the PDF button to open the post in the new tab in PDF format and save or print the file. When you install and activate the plugin, you will have a link to take the user to the settings page. Now, you can pick where to display PDF on your site and print buttons.

You will have to own a pro version to change button images. Default button images are enough for most users. In the pro version, you can have added control to display the buttons.

Innovative Ways to Offer eBooks

Lead Magnet

Free guides and eBooks literally work quite well as a way to grow the list of your emails. It is very simple to create an eBook in PDF or other formats. If you have content already, it is better to repurpose it and provide it as a lead magnet. If you don’t have content yet, create one from scratch.

Final Thoughts

As you see, there are plenty of reasons you should create your own eBook, and such documents can be converted into several forms. Be it as a collection of your content published previously, or creating one from the beginning, producing an eBook is not as time-consuming and complex as it seems initially.

You have plenty of options to present your eBook to your audience. It is an innovative way to market your services and expand your business.

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