HTML to WordPress Conversion – How much it should cost?

WordPress Plugins & Themes

In earlier days, all the websites were made by using text and static HTML. But, nowadays there is a huge difference in website creation. Also, today’s websites are much more complex than the earlier websites.

Today’s websites give a richer and more enjoyable experience to both the website creators and the visitors to the site. This can be achieved through open-source projects like WordPress. With this WordPress installed and with its correct themes and plug-ins, one can create a good website with advanced design features and functionalities.

WordPress eliminates the need of using HTML for website development. That is no coding and no HTML is required. If you have WordPress and themes/plug-ins you will be able to create your modern website.

This is the primary reason for using WordPress and hard to believe still someone using HTML to build their website. Even though the number of sites created with projects like WordPress increases, still there is a significant amount of active HTML sites out there.

Whether the sites are created in the early “20s or it is created presently with HTML and CSS. But, these sites don’t have an equal amount of features one can find on a WordPress site. This makes most of the site developers and owners convert their HTML websites to WordPress sites.

HTML to WordPress conversion:

Converting a static HTML site into a WordPress site is depending on personal preference, time allotment, monetary investment, and skill level. You only have to choose which option is best for you.

There are three main options for converting an HTML site into a WordPress site.

How to convert an HTML site to a WordPress site?

Create a WordPress theme manually

This is the first option that involves the manual creation of a WordPress theme as per your present static HTML site. But, this option needs you to get into coding. For doing this, you have to access the current site directory through FTP and use the existing code as a beginning point.

Then you have to create the necessary WordPress theme and copy code from the WordPress codex. This can be easy for you if you have some prior knowledge of HTML, CSS, and PHP.

Use a Pre-made theme

In this, you have to install a pre-defined theme and have to move your content. This is the best option as it is simple and easy. If you already have to host your site, then you only have to pay for purchasing a premium theme. The plug-in needed to import content is available for free in the official WordPress Plugins repository.

Pay for an HTML to WordPress conversion service

This is the final and best of all these three options. This does not require you to do more things. The cost of this service depends on who you choose for this option.

Reasons for converting an HTML site to WordPress

Dynamic CMS

Old HTML sites are static and have a lot of pages and lines of code. These pages are also static and hard to create and maintain. On the other hand, WordPress sites are easy to create manage and update as well. It has a lot of features embedded which makes the WordPress site dynamic.

Easy to work

One of the greatest advantages of WordPress is it is easy to work with. The content management system provides a number of plug-ins and themes which make web development much easier. The themes offered by WordPress are better than the HTML, themes, and plugins give a good look at the website.

Similarly, these themes and plug-ins give some extra features to the websites. In a static HTML, site coding is much more difficult, but with WordPress, website coding becomes easy and not that technical.

SEO Friendly

The websites created with WordPress are built in a way to embraces search engines and this feature makes them SEO-friendly. The features of WordPress guide search engines from pages, posts, and categories to help to crawl your site and allows the collection of the required information.

A large number of developers

Nowadays most website developers like to develop sites using WordPress than using static HTML. Also, a large number of WordPress site developers are available for developing websites.

Cost of converting HTML to WordPress

This is the main thing that every website owner or developer sees while converting a static HTML website to a WordPress site. The conversion services are available for low cost than you think.

Website owners can get these conversion services at affordable costs. These services fall into the budget they provide for website development. But, this maximum depends upon the type of website and the company you hire to convert your HTML site to a WordPress site.

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