Have You Tried Any of These 3 Core and Inexpensive Strategies to Boost App Reviews?

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Do you consider the experiences of other people? To be honest, I consider them very seriously when it comes to purchasing decisions.

No matter whether I am thinking of visiting a restaurant, planning for a movie, or using any application, the opinions of others play the biggest role in my decision.

If it comes to apps, reviews, and opinions also affect how visible apps will be in in-app store search results and how they are going to be featured on the app store.

With the constant increase in competition, you need to get more positive reviews to increase the ranking of your app on the app store. You are not getting reviews by themselves and even you can’t expect in this busy world that people will come to the app store and write a review for your app.

This way, you will never get reviews from your app users. People, who will give a review this way would be the ones, who may have a bad experience with your application.

To help you generate more reviews for your app, we have mentioned some of the different ways with real examples that might be helpful for you:

Optimizing Your App Considering Your Users’ Reviews

Today, launching an application is considered the first phase of your mobile journey, but getting success in mobile is all about deploying a long-term strategy, which considers how your app can be optimized daily across a period of months, weeks, and days.

It needs constant feature deployment as per the what majority of users want and having the right skills and expertise in mobile app optimization to perform this. Users of your app not only love it when your app is updated with new features and fixes bugs but in today’s competitive mobile landscape, they demand it.

Let’s take an example of an Instagram app that updates its features and optimizes the app considering users’ reviews. In the below image, you can see that the user is an app to get the update that she was looking for.

Instagram App Reviews
Instagram App Reviews

If you are fixing the issues and including more features, you are increasing the chances of your app getting five-star reviews.

Make Sure to Study Your Competitor’s App Store Review Performance

Analyzing the performance of your competitors’ applications in terms of reviews and ratings is a wonderful way to discover new ideas on how to optimize your reviews.

One of the excellent ways of achieving this is to calculate the average rating for the existing version of how well your competitors’ apps are doing, based on the perception of their app users. Getting bad user ratings indicates poor app performance in terms of UX and usability.

In case you find that your competitors’ mobile apps get constant five-star reviews, it would be good for you to comprehend why it is happening and what is the reason behind this.

Let’s take one example, suppose you have a booking application for flight tickets, hotel rooms, train, and bus tickets, and you are working hard to get the attention of more and more people. By analyzing on Make My Trip app, you come to know that the app is getting high ratings and positive reviews as you can see in the below image –

Make My Trip App Reviews
Make My Trip App Reviews

Likewise, if you have any category application, you need to analyze your competitors’ reviews and ratings so that you can get an idea about what they are doing and which features they are offering.

Deliver Dedicated Customer Support Service

One of the best ways to enhance your mobile app reviews is to deliver the exceptional customer support that your users are looking for. By providing 24*7 support to your customers, you can solve their queries and give them an instant solution to their problems.

Moreover, it would be good if you better comprehend what your users are thinking, and deliver them a platform to amalgamate feedback by segmenting reviews into different topics. However, there are enormous platforms that you can use and get help to achieve this.

In addition to this, segmenting reviews by topic allows you to check common traits between each review and work accordingly to determine which features and aspects of your UX are making positive or negative reviews.

Macy's App Reviews
Macy’s App Reviews

In the above-given image, you can see that Macy’s online app users are extremely happy to use the application as the app offers them 24*7 customer support and advanced features that make their shopping easy.


In these ways, you can generate more positive reviews and ratings for your application and boost your app store’s ranking to perform well. It is always about listening to your app users like what they are saying and improving functionality accordingly based on the feedback.

Once if you decide to customize your mobile app to include more features and functionalities, ensure that you get in touch with a leading mobile app development company that listens to your views comprehends your target audience’s needs, and customizes it accordingly.

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