Got a New iPhone 7? Top 7 Productivity Tips Can Help to Get Most Out of It

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Have you purchased a new iPhone 7? Are you feeling great about your new phone? Of course, you are feeling wonderful with the new device, right? Well, what’s next? How you are going to get the most out of it?

The all-new iPhone 7 comes with tons of new features, improvements, and functionalities; therefore, it will take a bit of getting used to all the new features and improvements and discovering all the hidden gems of the device.

To help get the utmost from your iPhone 7, we have provided the top 7 productivity tips and tricks that can help you to learn how to use the iPhone Calendar, Reminder apps, iOS Mail, and Notes.

Seven Wonderful Productivity Tips and Tricks for iPhone 7

Set Location-Based Reminders

Do you know that you can set reminders based on time and location? The all-new iPhone 7 allows you to set location-based reminders that are even more useful. Once, you enter a reminder, you need to tap the info icon to set specifics. If you want to set a day and time for your reminder, you just need to turn on “Remind me on a day” and then tap on Alarm.

Whereas to set a location-based reminder, you can turn on “Remind me at a location” and then either tap on your current location or type in a location. After that, you can select to be reminded when you reach or you leave that location.

Use iOS Mail’s VIP Feature

You can make use of iOS Mail’s VIP feature that allows you to group messages from precise contacts into a folder and get notifications when they email you. In the Mailboxes view of the iOS Mail application, you can tap Edit and choose VIP and then click on Done.

Now, you tap the info icon next to the new VIP mailbox and tap Add VIP to designate contacts as VIPs. You can also look for all the important emails in one place. After that, you can tap VIP Alerts to enable VIP notifications. Turn off other Mail notifications in Settings> Notifications> Mail, so you only get notifications for VIP emails.

Reschedule Events in Your iPhone Calendar

You can also reschedule events in your iPhone Calendar application. Just press and hold on to the event until it becomes opaque in color and then drag the event up or down to a new time or left or right to a different day.

On one of the small circles on the top or bottom, you can place your finger and drag to adjust the event’s start or end time. Even you can use Siri to edit Calendar events that will be faster. What you just need to do is say something like “reschedule my meeting from Thursday to Friday”.

Search All Your Notes Folders at Once

You can search in the Notes application that is limited since you can search within one folder at one time. Luckily, you can use Spotlight so that you can search all your needs in one go. What you just need to do is Go to Settings > General > Spotlight Search and allow Notes.

When you want to search Notes for the next time, you can swipe down from the center of your Home screen to open Spotlight and then enter your search term. In the search results, the note must be visited. You can tap the note to open it.

Attachments for Your Emails from Your iPhone

First, it is important to save your files in Photos or iCloud Drive. After that, when you compose an email, you need to tap the body of the email and select Insert Photo or Video or Add Attachment.

Now, you must choose the file that you wanted to attach from the iCloud Drive or Photos App. Make sure that attachments from other applications are shared to Mail from within those applications. For instance, if you want to email a PDF file from iBooks, you can open the PDF and tap the share icon and select an email.

Integrating Travel Time into Your Calendar Events

In the Calendar application, you can open the event and tap on Edit. Now, you can do is enter the event’s location. You can allow Calendar to access your location if driven to do so. After that, you can tap Alert and Select Time to Leave.

To leave based on travel time from your location, you will get one reminder message. You can tap on Edit Event and select Second Alert. Now here, you can easily set a reminder for up to two weeks in advance. When you are done with it, you can tap Edit Event.

Share Reminders

By sharing reminders, you can allow others to add and check off items from the list. A shared Family Reminders List is automatically shaped when you use Family Sharing. However, it is possible to share with another iOS user.

You just need to do is open the list you want to share and tap Edit > Sharing > Add Persona and enter the email address that is related to the person’s iCloud account. Once they accept your request, you will get a notification.


These are the top seven productivity tips for your all-new iPhone 7 and if you are looking to get your own iPhone application with your desired features, do contact a professional iPhone app development company that has experience in developing all types of apps irrespective of type and complexity.

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