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Kids in Business - Javier Fernandez-Han, Anshul Samar, Alexandra McDaniel

Ideally, a kid will be spending all time of the day playing games, pulling pranks, and well, just enjoying childhood. Then there are those kids who just do more than we can imagine, start their own business! The world is becoming more and more astonishing as we look up to ones who are shorter than us, and don’t even possess ahead of a fully grown brain!

Yes, we stutter at the thought of starting our business ventures, and put so much thought, time, and energy into every project that comes up in our heads. Kids, on the other hand, are in the phase of total creativity; they don’t understand complex rules, and definitely do not have any responsibilities.

And persistence is something all kids own and flaunt mercilessly. Some children recognize these abilities early on in their lives, consciously or unconsciously, and move up in life faster than others.

Meet Javier Fernandez-Han aged 15, owner and founder of Versatile System. Javier invented a fully-featured algae-powered energy system, which captures and neutralizes greenhouse gases, treats waste and produces energy and food.

His project is so thoughtfully made, that it can be scaled up to provide 200,000 or more population of people with energy and food. He has very rightly been awarded the annual Invent Your World Challenge $20,000 scholarship for his work. This kid is definitely not green in his skills.

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An Indian kid in the entrepreneurial field is 13 years old Anshul Samar, founder and CEO of Alchemist Empire Inc.Anshul has a keen interest in chemistry and, through his company, shares that with fellow children, by making studying the subject fun and interesting.

His first product was a card game named Elementeo. This game helps students, to understand chemistry and the features of various chemicals all through play. He definitely knows the formula for young success.

Here’s some determination, when 9-year-old Alexandra McDaniel asked her dad for a horse, he said she’d have to raise the money herself in order to buy one. And that’s exactly what she did! McDaniel now is the founder and president of Kid’s Roar a company that is run by kids in its entirety.

It has five different clubs(Safari Club, Marine Club, Horse Club, Best Friends Club, and the Dinosaur Club) and products that can be purchased from the web. This young lady took her dad’s words literally and made the company a fun place for all kids to work and enjoy.

Typically, adults shape the future of kids and enable them to soar to great heights, but the world is gifting us with more and more child entrepreneurs that can teach us, elders, a little something about starting and running a business, all while being innocent and having a great load of fun. Let’s welcome them with open arms!

Image Source: yourhiddenpotential.co.uk, cosmoloan.com, msn.com

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