Kinivo K300: 3 Port 4K HDMI Switch

Kinivo K300 - 4K and 3D HDMI Switch

Earlier, we bought Kinivo WID380, and we are amazed by the performance, quality, and glossy design of the product. Since we use various HDMI powered products like Google Chromecast, Teewe, XBOX, and more to count in, it is tough to connect the device to the television or HDTV or projector required contains only one HDMI port to plug-in HDMI devices.

Current problem with HDMI port availability:

And it is really a tough task to switch the devices, and every time we plug-in the device, it takes a few more minutes to detect & configure the same. To avoid these issues – the only thing which comes to our mind is to extend HDMI ports, so we started exploring the HDMI switches. Since we already have a good experience with Kinivo, we decided to go with the new Kinivo K300 HDMI Switch. It’s been almost 20 days since we are using this product effectively, and we haven’t seen any connectivity or any other hardware issues so far.

Solution for our HDMI ports problem:

Kinivo creates lifestyle consumer electronics that simplify our daily life at home, in the office, and on the go. This new Kinivo K300 4K HDMI switch helps you add more HDMI ports as it extends your single HDMI port to 3 more extra ports. I have chosen this because it contains 3 HDMI Inputs, supports 4K resolution, and 3D media content, awesome right?

Let’s check what’s in the package:

Kinivo K300 with IR Remote and AC Adapter
Kinivo K300 with IR Remote and AC Adapter
  • Kinivo K300 3 Port 4K HDMI Switch
  • IR Wireless Remote Control
  • 5V AC/DC Power Adapter (This Power port would have been given backside of the product where we have HDMI ports).
  • User Manual
  • Warranty

The package doesn’t contain any HDMI to HDMI cable so make sure you have one.

Infrared Remote Control for easy switching between HDMI devices:

I can now connect all my DVD Players, Streaming devices, Gaming consoles, Laptops, Soundbars or sound systems, etc. And switching between various HDMI supported devices is pretty easy with Infrared IR Wireless Remote control. The device is built with hybrid aluminum to withstand heat. The design is pretty simple, which helps everyone operate. It comes with a one-year hardware warranty and lifetime US-based customer support.

Kinivo’s Marketing Manager Andy Karuza says that we don’t need to compromise on the quality of the output as the Kinivi K300 is compatible with 4K UltraHD resolution and supports 3D content while taking care of HDCP.

Kinivo K300 - HDMI Ports
Kinivo K300 – HDMI output and input Ports

Following are the Kinivo K300 HDMI Switch features:

  • 3 HDMI Inputs
  • Contains Digital audio port to connect your music system
  • Supported display resolutions: 4K@30Hz, 1080p@120Hz and 1080p 3D@60Hz
  • Easy switch between devices with Infrared Wireless Remote
  • Can switch automatically based on active input
  • Supports almost all the HDMI devices
  • No installation is required; it is just a plugged and play device.
  • Supports 48-bit Deep Color
  • Supports HDCP 1.3 (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection)
  • Supports 3D content
  • Supported audio formats: DTS-HD/Dolby-TrueHD/LPCM7.1/DTS/Dolby-AC3/DSD
  • Supports data rate up to 3.4Gbps/per TMDS
Kinivo K300 HDMI Switch

Where and what to buy?

Kinivo K300 HDMI Switch is available in and

If you have more HDMI devices to connect to your television, then there are two more Kinivo devices with 5 HDMI Input ports called Kinivo K500 & Kinivo 501BN.

For more instructions checkout their K300 User Manual.

I hope our review on Kinivo K300 was helpful for you to decide on the product.

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