Kinivo WID380 for better Wi-Fi speed and range

Kinivo WID380 - Wireless USB Adapter

This time I’m back with a cool new product from Kinivo and here is my own personal review on their new Wireless Adapter Kinivo WID380.

I have been using small USB dongle wireless adapter, a kind of micro USB adapter – which is very handy, easy to use and easy to configure, but the only problem I face with it is connectivity status because of its very very week signals and in result very less internet speed.

The USB wireless adapter which I’m currently using is of 150Mbps, has in-built Soft AP mode and has WPS & Robust WLAN security support. But due to its less signal strength and range – decided to go with a new one.

In this search I was always looking for wireless repeater or WiFi extender. But never looked for an alternative to USB adapter. And I recently came across Kinivo products and bought Kinivo WID380 Wireless whose configuration is quite good than what I have and it speeds up to 300 Mbps with 802.11n and channel bonding.

This package includes 3 feet USB extension cable to allow for optimal positioning for wireless Dual 2dBi antennas which enhances the wireless signal strength (this is the most interesting part of the product as it improves the signal strength) and range capabilities for better connectivity and speeds.

This is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 and also compatible with all 2.1GHz wireless N networks.

Easy setup with secured Wireless Protected Setup (WPS), WEP, WPA and WPA2.

And coming to the Warranty – Kinivo WID380 Wireless USB Adapter comes with 1 year limited hardware warranty.

As said, there were some situations, where I had decided to go with WiFi Range Extender or Repeater etc. But this Kinivo WID380 solved my problem and helped me to save couple of bucks which I would have spent on WiFi range extender or wireless repeater etc.

Now I’m having a good and quality internet surfing – why not try Kinivo WID380 USB Adapter before you go and spend more money on extenders or repeaters etc.

Let me know your thoughts about this product and your experience.

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