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The only flaw of online shopping is that there is no sales person a customer can talk to. In other words, if the customer has questions or concerns, there’s no one around to address those issues and eliminate those concerns. However, nowadays you can easily solve these problems by simply introducing live chat to your E Store.
It’s now possible to provide your customers with all the answers they need and you can do this very conveniently. So, the following post will explain all of the benefits of the live chat and how it helps both your website and your business in general.

It’s convenient for customers

As mentioned, live chat provides customers with immediate assistance and in research done by Forrester it was concluded that 44% of customers consider the live feature really helpful. In fact they stated that this is one of the most important features for them, since it makes the entire shopping experience more secure.
Furthermore, customers that visit an E store with live chat are more likely to return and shop there again. Lastly, it is a feature that is far more responsive than a call center, which means waiting time for customers is reduced and that is always a positive point in terms of customer experience.

It’s cost efficient

Efficiency and Cost-Effective
Efficiency and Cost-Effective solution for your business

Since having an online live chat makes a call center practically obsolete, you can save a lot of resources that would otherwise have been invested in the call center feature. Not only that, but you also reduce employee task time, which is another notable cost-cutting factor. Your workers will be far more efficient as well, because it’s not an issue for them to chat with multiple customers simultaneously.

It boosts sales rate

This is one of the best perks of this feature. Considering the fact that people feel more appreciated if someone immediately walks up to them when they enter the store. So, having a live chat on your website is basically the next best thing. Customers have someone who can walk them through the sale, and this is likely to prevent big bounce rates, since customer will stay longer, even if they do not make a purchase during their initial visit.

Additionally, having a live chat feature increases your chances of making up sales, because you can direct a shopper’s attention to the products they might not have been aware of. If customers are engaged with employees who understand what they want, recommending additional purchases comes quite easy.

It boosts your conversion rate

Customers who are engaged in a conversation with an employee will stay longer and browse your online store. This has a great impact on your conversion rate, because Google notes this as a positive user experience. If your customers leaves immediately after landing on your site, it counts as a negative conversion, which results in a lower ranking. Moreover, with the live chat feature you are likely to have happier customers and they can leave a better review, which also influences rankings in a positive way.

You can get customer feedback with ease

Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction by considering Customer Feedback

In addition to providing better sales rates and conversion rates, live chat can help you gain useful customer input. Customer feedback is basically a guideline for your future development and it can point out some issues you were not even aware of.
Your customers will be more likely to complete a survey or answer some questions, or even explain their complaints over a live chat, then if you ask them the same questions using an e-mail template. Also, these results will be more solid and accurate, since you know the buyer hasn’t completed them in a haste.

Powerful tool for establishing brand loyalty

Again, with a satisfying customer experience a buyer is far more likely to return to your site, and this is basically the best way to secure brand loyalty and brand trust. As long as you customers feel safe shopping at your place, and if they know there is always someone who can rectify any mistake they won’t switch providers.
Reliability is an essential trait, and live chat is very efficient at promoting this virtue. Another useful aspect of it is that you can keep your customers informed about new discounts or incentives. It is a perfect way to secure sales that wouldn’t have occurred in the first place and for customers to have an even more pleasant transaction.

Better overview of active customers

With live chat software, you can always know just how many customers are currently on your website. This gives you a better insight into your performance, and it can be a clear indicator of whether you need to improve or you are doing just fine.

Customer interaction tips

Of course, merely having a live chat won’t make you a great online store. You need to have a people with experience, who know how to properly converse with potential buyers. Do not be too robotic, try to be warm and inviting, don’t use scripted greeting messages, make sure you change them and innovate, so that customers feel that they are talking to a real person.

Also, if most of your buyers are from a different time zone, you need to readjust your live chat hours, so that the majority of your customers have access to it. You can either train your staff or hire professionals to interact via chat with consumers.

People love to socialize online and to chat, and having these features will definitely make you more likable, and give you an edge over your competitors. You can see that live chat has numerous benefits, so it would be wise to install it on your website. It’s cost-efficient, it results in better sales and better conversion, and it can help you gain valuable information from your consumers.

Published by Robin Singh

Robin is a Technical Support Executive with a combined experience of 6 years. He currently works with Live2Support - a live customer and sales chat software by ProProfs.com. In his free time, Robin enjoys reading and traveling.

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