List of Excellent and Quality WordPress Premium Theme providers

Wordpress Premium Themes Providers

A blogger’s journey always starts with a free blog hosting services like,, etc. They begin by blogging to kill their time and once they start getting regular visitors and comments, a thought comes to the mind.

A burning desire to launch his/her own hosted blog with a different domain name. This thought is followed by another one once the blog is launched..guess what? To Earn Money? – No :)
To get more Traffic? – No :)
Publicity? – No :)
Topics to cover in the blog? – No :) …..

Hmm ok, let me, it’s all about blog design, for a different look & feel. This desire to differentiate himself propels him to search for many professional FREE themes, and try for some professional free themes available on the web. After few days of blogging, he/she observes the same theme being effectively used by some other popular blogger :) right?

Now, in this situation, he feels a need for a completely different and professional WordPress Theme, which can be acquired either by doing the theme yourself if you are a good designer and PHP programmer. If not you approach someone who knows the stuff to build the theme right? Exactly at this time, WordPress Premium Theme comes into the picture.

The same happening with us now :). After searching among thousands of WordPress Premium Themes, I have compiled a list of good, quality, and professional WordPress Premium Theme providers and we are also planning for some good and different look n feel premium themes for WittySparks readers.

As you might have observed we are loaded with little heavy traffic for few days and for the same reason we would like to get a premium theme which loads quickly, has a good look n feel and most important all our articles should be well exposed.

Among the aspects that we seek from the premium theme, here are a few of them:

  1. 1. Mainly Fast Loading
  2. Should solve our purpose, either the theme is for making money or more exposure of content or etc.
  3. Eye catchy Look n Feel, the theme which defines the standard of the articles submitted should be well exposed.
  4. Colors – Which should define a brand identity of blog/site/business. Dark colors for entertainment sites, light colors for professional sites, some thing like that.
  5. Regular Updates and Support to maintain the theme and update for the newer versions of wordpress.
  6. Theme with more widget ready with drag and drop features.
  7. Highly customizable theme, can say more color schemes to chose from – CSS Style Sheet Switcher.
  8. Customized Plugins.
    and more…..

So here is the huge list of WordPress Premium Theme providers (Arranged Randomly) and at the end find some related useful links:

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