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Let’s take it to the next level of video and photo capturing shall we? Thanks to Weeview Eye-Plug this is now possible. The new product by the China based company enables users to capture images and videos and view them instantly in 3D!

Exclusively for Android devices the Weeview Eye-Plug is a thumb size micro USB device that attaches to your smartphone. It has a reversible lens that can pivot to become either a front facing or rear-facing camera. The Eye-Plug mainly combines the front and rear facing cameras of the smartphone with its own technology of generating stereoscopic type images when a video or photo is taken. It’s an add on to your Android phone, weighing only 6 grams, looking sleek, and super portable.

Eye Plug – The only 3D kit for your android phone:

So what happens once you’ve captured your photo/video? Well the result is viewable by any 3D viewer. The Eye-Plug 3D App also allows users to edit, you can adjust the point of focus, or control background blur to achieve various effects, and there are also an unlimited amount of filters available on the app.

Weeview has made this product essentially for the photo loving consumer. It’s ideal for filmmakers and VR lovers, social media lovers and Android enthusiasts who love experimenting with the various gadgets to up their android experience.

Eye-Plug 3D camera – 3D:

The products size is 20mm x 39mm x 13mm, it has 4 elements in the lens construction one filter and 3 plastic. It captures in HD 30fps and the output format is JPEG/MP4. It works on Android OS of 4.4 or higher. The products beauty lies in its simplicity, and easy usage. Just three steps to a 3D world of images and videos. What makes this product the most exciting is the company itself which started only in 2016! And their first product is not just unique but caters to the technological expectations of the users in today’s world. Weeviews highly trained technical team is behind not just the inception of the idea but also the 3D special visualisation, optical design, App design among other technicalities that have brought this product to life.

Eye-Plug is a one of a kind product, which will launch this year, and is expected to cost under $40. The product is rumoured to be launched for iOS users also. Fingers crossed!

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