Logitech introduces new Bluetooth devices

It is always a pleasure to get to experience products first hand earlier than anyone in the market. That’s what makes our job so much fun! Our team had the opportunity to check out the new collection of Bluetooth devices from Logitech earlier this week. The showcase was at GVK One mall in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.

There was an array of products in this collection like gaming mouse, Bluetooth keyboards, Bluetooth music adaptor etc.

The Logitech promo display was well organised, the assistants welcomed queries from guests, and for a change had answers to the queries. Few activities to up the entertainment and attraction to the stall were also orchestrated; some lucky visitors won gifts from the company as well.

Here are some pictures of the event:

Logitech - Bluetooth Device Collection
Logitech – Bluetooth Device Collection at GVK Mall Hyderabad

Now let’s get down to the actual fun bit, while there were several products on display two stood out the most, on the top of the list the K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard.

The K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard is super light, you cannot ignore this feature, and it weighs only 408gms making it superbly handy. It’s size of 27.7 x 12.4 x 1.5 cm makes portability even more practical. Light weight and tiny! We love that! Another significant feature of the keyboard is that it supports Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, Android and iOS devices.

Check our more detailed specifications and information on where to purchase the device at

You can even Buy from Snapdeal or FlipKart

Second on our list of favourites from the Logitech display is the MX Anywhere 2 – Bluetooth and unifying supported fully configurable gaming mouse. The mouse enables users to simultaneously connect up to 3 devices at once and easily switch between devices just like other keyboards mentioned. Practicality wise, Logitech has taken a step forward and made this mouse surface friendly, it works well on glass and high-gloss surfaces too. For further specifications of the product and purchasing details you can visit

You can even Buy from Snapdeal or FlipKart

We couldn’t help but purchase this mouse and also the K380 Keyboard, a detailed review will be up soon, so stay tuned for that.

One more product worth mentioning is also a bluetooth supported multi-device keyboard from Logitech; the K480. What grabbed our attention toward this model was the integrated cradle, which holds your phone / tablet, hence enabling you to read while you type. You need not handle your device separately. The K380 doesn’t have this cradle feature; however it’s the weight that sets these two keyboards apart. The K480 is not as light; it weights 820gms, almost double of the K380. That could be understandable because of the cradle feature; the keyboard would have to be strong enough to hold your device, since the keyboards are meant to support multiple operating systems, it would be important to keep in mind that users will have devices of varied weight that the cradle would have to hold. The dimensions of the K480 are H: 7.68 in / 195 mm, W: 11.77 in / 299 mm. This is an important factor to consider while selecting between the two keyboards, while both of them deliver the function, the portability, size and weight are a personal choice.

Again, follow the link to read more details on the product and where to purchase:

You can even Buy from Snapdeal or FlipKart

Let us know if you want a detailed review of the K480, and any queries you have of the other two products. Logitech has introduced some creative products, and we look forward to more innovative gadgets from the company.

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