Making the most out of shopping

Doesn’t matter which city in the world you reside, how much you earn or what you like, you will always experience shopping. It is a task that can make or break your day, affect your cash, and most importantly leave you with a product or service to deal with. And with the world becoming insanely directed towards consumers, the endless options can overwhelm the best of us.

Smart planning leads to great shopping!
Smart planning leads to great shopping!

Here are few tips to get you started in the right direction:

1. Know what you want

Leaving with a list is the best way to stay on track especially if you’re on a budget or have very important things to purchase. Nothing kills mood like missing out on essentials and realizing it too late. This is a tip that applies to non-supermarket items. The clearer you are the faster you will make decisions and be sure of their appropriateness. Most of us end up buying a lot of things we don’t really need or will ever use because of not having a clear idea of what we’re out for. Also there is always the chance of forgetting mental notes, so it’s best to have your list in either writing, or in your phone. Anywhere accessible and hassle free will do the needful. Many of us also become the victims to good salesmanship; the various fun deals and discounts may drift it off the track and push us into unwanted purchases and a great deal of guilt.

Smart shopping tips:

2. Take a buddy or not

Never force yourself into shopping with a buddy. If you’re one who enjoys the company of people and doesn’t get off track then great, but if you’re personality is the entertaining kind, you will most likely end up trying to make your company comfortable than complete the shopping task successfully. Plus; opinions matter especially when buying personal items, if you can stand your ground, then opt for a shopping buddy otherwise stay away from false advices and random criticism. In the end what you buy will affect you more than anyone. If you’re taking your kids with you, make sure you only keep those things on the agenda that can be done, like groceries and supermarket rather than fashion and clothing. Chances are your kids will ruin your mood, kill the whole shopping experience and will not give you any time to try out clothing before you purchase it.

3. Budget it

Make sure your list is within your budget, it’s stupid to calculate on the spot, unless you have a calculator in your head, you will get overwhelmed and just purchase or not purchase rather than making the right decision. Always keep some extra margin if possible in order to buy items that weren’t on the list but were discovered as important while shopping.

Shopping even if it’s weekly grocery can bring great satisfaction if one is mindful of what the aim is. Believe it or not how satisfying each session goes predicts your sanity and excitement for the next one!

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