Management tips and mantras from Thirukkural

The other day, I came across a unique book of its kind on management. The book written by S. M Veerappan and T. Srinivasan talks about how Thirukural provides several valuable tips on Management principles. Before moving further, lets throw some light on what is Thirukural?

Management Mantras
Management Mantras

Thirukural is an repository of knowledge, and the book says that ..” Thirukural is a great work of the ‘Sangam period’ amd preaches moral values. Though there are different schools of thought regarding the exact period to which Thiruvalluvar, its author belonged, there is wide acceptance of the view that he lived about 2000 years ago. Thirukkural consists of 1300 couplets ( called Kurals) which are grouped into three major heads viz. Virtue, Wealth and Pleasure.  The first chapter talks about Management if Self or Individual’s character, the second talks about management of the state and the last about Man and woman relationship.

The kurals are spread over 133 chapters of 10 couplets each. Each Kural is poetically crafted with just seven apt words. While the rhythm and beauty are mesmerizing, the content and messages are thought provoking.”

Hereby mentioned are some thoughts mentioned in the book on different topics, for more read the book ” Management Mantras from Thirukural”.

On Leadership and boss:

“Treat the Boss as you would a winter Bonfire
Neither approaching too close nor staying afar”

Crows conquer owls by day,
So must Kings time their deeds of sway

On Communication

This chapter is confined to the power of non verbal communication and brings out the importance of this aspect in the life of an individual.

“The goodness that is goodness of speech
Is a greatness nothing else can match”

On Damage control!

“Gain or Ruin, words do bring:
Guard hence against slips of tongue”

“Use each word such that no word
can replace it as untoward”

“Listen to others grasping the essence of it
Speak so that others long for it”

On Organizing ideas and then speaking

“Who can’t deliberate what they have learnt
Are blossomed flowers but not fragrant”

On Time Management

“Synchronize with right time and act accordingly
It is the cord that binds fortune with thee firmly”

“They wait for their time unperturbed
Who aspire to win the world”

On anger

Nurse you anger and release it out at the competitor at the right time, competitor could be an opponent or your internal employees

“The wise spit not their anger out
But nurse it in, as fire latent”

On action

“While waiting, display inaction like a stork
While attacking, strike swiftly like its peck”

On Planning

“Start any action after careful thought
For it is foolish to think after start”

for more read the book….. “Management Mantras from Thirukural”

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