Michael Jackson The Face of PEPSI?

I guess this is what it means to live even after death. Legendary pop star Michael Jackson has lived and will ever live in our hearts for his music and his dance but popular soft drink brand PepsiCo, Inc. still keeps the star alive on its posters. They have a plan of putting the star on more than one billion cans as part of their live for now campaign. Digging into the past revealed that nearly 30 years ago this pop star agreed to lend his voice for the brand. During the same time when Jackson was shooting for a commercial of this drink his hair caught fire in a tragic accident causing severe injury to his face and scalp. This was long before he died in the year 2009 at the age of 50. Apparently Jackson was paid a handsome sum of 5 million dollars for being part of this project.

Pepsi Bring Michael Jackson back to Life with its new Campaign
Pepsi Bring Michael Jackson back to Life with its new Campaign

This agreement was made in the year 1984 but because of the tragedy that occurred on the sets of the commercial it could not come before the world. The rumor is that the accident caused intense pain leading to Jackson’s addiction to pain killers. It is said that this led to a quicker deterioration of his body than otherwise. The Pepsi company has decided to make use of the 25th anniversary of his album Bad as an occasion to launch their campaign. The cans will first become available in China and will travel to the US later this month. Will Pepsi reach to new heights after this campaign? Well that is yet to be answered first in China and then in the US!

Michael Jackson – Pepsi Commercial Bad Era (FULL version!) HQ:

Source: Michael Jackson Pepsi Campaign

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