Mico headphones read your mind

We humans just can’t get enough of makign life easier each day. Seems like the technology experts are of the same mind!. Neurowear, have developed Mico headphones that use a brainwave sensor to detect the mood of the listener and accordingly play a song for him.

Mico Music - Neurowear - Mico music inspiration from your subconsciousness
Mico Music – Neurowear – Mico music inspiration from your subconsciousness

The idea behind the product is that you shouldn’t have to pick your song each time, hence the brainwave sensing technology. The headphone has a rather bulky appearance, which may not be everyone’s cup of tea. With everything becoming smaller in size, gigantic headphones may not be very exciting for many users. However the headphones not only have a large size they also have an EEG (Electro Encephalo Graph) sensor protruding from the front, the sensor allows the headphones to analyze a person’s brain patterns and determine the wearer’s mood.

MICO Headphones Hands On:

Once the headphones are connected to the smartphones app, the headphones play songs chosen from the Neurowear database. The sides of each ear piece light up when music is playing and they also display symbols to indicate whether the listener is feeling focused, drowsy, or stressed. The only mysterious downside of the product apart from the huge size could be how accurate the song matching software is, and whether it can can have an opposite effect on the mood of the listener.

The company hasn’t still released any date or price on the product, guess we’ll just have to wait till the tech gurus get their hands on it and review the product for us. But how does this technologically advanced idea sound to you?

Information Source: Gizmag

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