Mompreneurs are here to stay, balancing home and business

Being a mom is enough responsibility, but some moms take balancing life to a whole new level. Mompreneurs, as they are called, are the most established entrepreneurs. They have the security of their house and husband and the kids; they have nothing to lose and a lot to inspire.

Money making Mompreneurs!
Money-making Mompreneurs!

Starting any business is a struggle and requires a lot of dedication in terms of time and energy. This lays heavy more on mothers who have to balance home with business. It’s not a 9 to 5 deal here; it’s a 24-hour dedication to both. And yet, many do it beautifully and live a very satisfying life.

There is a lot one can learn from these super beings, time management is key for them, and that is one task every new entrepreneur struggles with. Many women struggle with the decision of getting back to work after having kids, and it takes great perseverance and family support to launch your own business and make it a success. Some of the mompreneurs known worldwide are:

1. Mompreneur: Laura Berg

Company name: My Smart Hand

Wisely tapping into the growing market of sign language, mompreneur Laura Berg started her own company that helps parents learn sign language online or in classes. This service is not only for the kids with impaired hearing but also for those who want to communicate with their children who haven’t started speaking it.

Berg is not the only one who knows an opportunity; she exploits in any realm. Here’s a mother who has taken the childcare route and is doing great. She also developed an iPhone app that has been a success.

2. Mompreneur: Sarah Davis

Company Name:

Davis is a mother who sacrificed her law career and shifted her focus to being her moneymaker. A mom of four who started a dot com company for those looking for designer handbags that are second-hand but very gently used.

Davis targeted the market of fans of the brands but can’t or don’t want to spend that amount of money; now, her customers can get bags that look brand new but cost lesser. earns millions every year, more than satisfactory for a mom with four kids!

3. Mompreneur: Erin Chase

Company Name: The $5 Dinner mom

This is a success story of a mom/blogger turned into a wealthy entrepreneur. Erin blogged about making delicious food that appeals to the whole family (including kids) at a very affordable $5 price point; she quickly developed a fan base from her blog.

Chase has become a famous author of her book titled “The $% Dinner Mom Cookbook.” She talks about how to make delicious meals and shares tips on buying groceries for less and the like. Moms love her idea and her for sure.

There is something about the moms in roles of entrepreneurs; they’re confident and have been through the worse of management problems, i.e., having kids and raising them! They have more than money on their mind and are stronger in trying to achieve business goals because their children’s future depends on their hard work.

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