More power to Kids by UNICEF

A new way to involve your children in philanthropic work is here. The worlds deteriorating situation is no secret to the children who are viewing news and having a zillion questions on the devastation’s around them.

While as adults we give donations, and time to help out, UNICEF brings out the worlds first Wearable-for-good Kid Power Band that enables children to help other children around the world.

The UNICEF Kid Power is a program of the U.S Fund for UNICEF which came into being with generous sponsorship from Disney and Star Wars: Force for Change and Target. It is a simple design that can be used by children as young as 7 easily. Children are very technologically advanced and able to use various gadgets on a regular basis; UNICEF capitalized on this and came up with an idea that enabled children to use these skills to help malnourished children across the world.

So how does this one of a kind gizmo work?

On every purchase of the UNICEF Kid Power Band $10 are donated by Target to the U.S fund for UNICEF. The band has a companion App which helps you track your progress, the child wears the band and goes on missions with the App, kids can set daily activity targets for themselves. The family as a whole gets to learn about different cultures and kids around the world. Power points are gained with how active the child is, these points are in turn converted to funding and UNICEF delivers lifesaving packets of therapeutic food for severely malnourished kids.

UNICEF Kid Power Band Review:

Apart from empowering children to impact lives of children, the band has its own unique appeal. It shows time, is designed to be comfortable and practical for everyday use. It is made of soft, durable material, with an attractive and chic look. It is also comfortable for children to wear for long durations, and is sized appropriately so as to not interfere with their everyday school work. It keeps the kids excited with its fun animations, features and notifications that are synced with the UNICEF Kid Power app. Parents can track the progress of their children via the app.

This unique product is targeted for the parents who want to introduce to their children the value of giving back, and do it with consistency. This band enables children to get in tune with the world, and sensitise them with the suffering of children around the world. It is not a game, it’s meant to educate not just the child but also the family about various cultures. There are two variants of the band available, the basic one and the Star wars force for change band. The latter is a charitable initiative from Disney and Lucasfilm, empowers people to make a positive impact on the world around them. The involvement of Disney and Star Wars has been tremendous, since 2015 millions have been raised by both supporting the UNICEFs programs. The future is aimed at being more productive and expanding UNICEF Kid Power to more schools, that will enable over 1 million Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food RUTF to be delivered to children in need.

Available in Target stores, and online, the band is priced at $39.99 with a variety of colours to choose from. If you’re a parent looking to instill values of giving back, this is a great way to start by involving your child in a fun and exciting manner. Supporting the band with discussions at home as a family and educating your child on the lives of children around the world can help in developing stronger philanthropic values as well. The UNICEF band is a great Christmas gift to give as well.

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