My Wedding Anniversary Celebrations with CaratLane

It was always tough for a Husband to select the right gift for his wife either during their anniversary, her birthday or other special occasions etc. Don’t you agree? I am sure most of the husbands struggle to make the right choice :)
Most of the times we, Husbands reach out to friends or colleagues for creative gift ideas whenever they wish to surprise their life partners. You have done that too, haven’t you? :)

It is really tough to pick the perfect gift for your love, considering factors like:

  • Budget
  • How many items within budget?
  • Is it worth? And most importantly
  • Will she like the gift?

Once the budget is decided, the next obstacle is the gift itself :) there’s a wide range gifts you can give women like:

  • Gift Combos? like Ear rings + Chocolate Boxes + Roses + Candle Light Dinner etc.
  • One big gift? Gold ornaments or Diamond jewellery or Platinum jewellery or silver items etc.
  • A surprise Romantic Vacation Ideas
    and the list continues…..

When these all things are creating havoc in my mind, I finally decided to take a Diamond Ring, so I can propose my wife, since I haven’t gifted her a Diamond so far.

The next thing that bothered me the most was, the place where I can buy this precious gem. Friends showered me with ideas of jewellery shops, but wanted the design to be different and the finish too. If I go to local jewellery shop, I am sure I will have to compromise at design and final finish of the product.

Since the current trend is online shopping, where we can have more options to choose from and can apply discount coupons or credit card offers, I decided to explore online jewellery shopping options. But again difficulty crops in while choosing the right website which can be trusted. Since the item which I am looking for is Diamond, I filtered the online jewellery sites with Diamond as a key word. Still I saw many options for online jewellery shopping :) Huhhh man this is crazy – I am seriously going nuts :)

Finally, I decided to take a break from this confusion and watch television for an hour. Luckily, the CaratLane advertisement was aired with flat 25% off On Diamond and Gemstone jewellery at that very second. WoW – The moment I saw the advertisement, jump back to my desktop – opened the website and man again the tough task comes in, guess what? Choosing from among their wonderful collection of Diamond in the form of rings, bracelet, ear rings, and bangles etc.

Heart Burst Experience with Caratlane
Heart Burst Experience with CaratLane, an online Jewellery Shopping

Online Jewellery Shopping Experience:

The selection was not that tough for me because their site has got some good filtering options like Price, Type, Color, Purity, Material, Collections, Stones, Styles, Occasions, Shipping Days (this was one of the key option for me as I have only 10 days for my anniversary), Themes, Gifts, Size, Gender, Offers and more to filter the results.

Since I am sure of what I want and is nothing but a Diamond Ring, it was not really difficult to find one within my budget. I chose the “Heart Burst Ring” which actually inscribes my feels on that ring :)

During this process I came to know a lot about a diamond such as its Clarity scale like FL/IF (Flawless or Internally Flawless), VVS (Very Very Slightly), VS (Very Slightly), SI (Slightly Included). More information about Diamond Clarity can be found at NeaDiamonds & Wikipedia.

Finally, I ordered the product on CaratLane but the delivery date disappointed me a little – it is as per their terms since they need to customize the order according to the size mentioned and all other customized options that need to be considered. Since I took lot of time to finalize the product, I decided to order it online and then placed the order.

Customer Support:

Now, it was time for me to test their customer service, one of their customer support team member dialed me to confirm the size of the ring. After confirmation I requested them to deliver it before my anniversary date or at least on that day, but it was too late and they could not deliver it on the day I asked for. But they understood the importance of this gift to me and how much I need it on that day. So, they said they would get back to me in a while.

The next day I received a call again and heard good news that they will try their best to deliver the diamond ring on or before my anniversary day – so I was excited :)

And a day later received an email informing me of some refund amount as there was some weight difference in jewellery. They even mentioned the detailed break up in the mail. And the was done just in a day. This is another amazing trait of the CaratLane services.

Shipping Service:

The big day had come and I kept my fingers crossed . We started the anniversary day with wishes, temple visits, special family lunch and my wife was still waiting for the special gift from me. In the afternoon I received the call from CaratLane team. They wished me and said the product is on location, I was pleasantly surprised once again. I got the product within 30 minutes, then received another call from CaratLane to confirm whether we received the product or not.

This is really a good example of wonderful customer support/service. I have ordered lot of things online and most of the time was it was really tough to reach the customer care since very few people consider the customer satisfaction. Thankfully, this is not the case with CaratLane.

I thought they would bill me for the one day delivery they did for me, but they didn’t charged anything extra for it. Isn’t that awesome?

CaratLane stands far away from others in their service.

CaratLane - Heart Burst Diamond Ring
CaratLane – Heart Burst Diamond Ring

Sweet Memories:

Now the time has come to surprise my wife :) She has no idea what the gift is all about. She opened the gift wrapper, saw a box and thought it was box full or chocolates. The moment she opened the box, the expression on her face, made my effort seem worthy. She was speech less! She opened the box slowly and excitedly to see what was there in the small box pack, and her joy knew no bounds when she saw it- that’s really a heart burst moment for me with CaratLane’s “Heart Burst Ring“.

CaratLane made our anniversary celebrations truly memorable. Kudos to CaratLane and the team who supported me to get the ring on time and heeding to my request of quick delivery. This how CaratLane manages to be on top of the list of jewellery services. I heart fully recommend CaratLane Jewellery online service.

Celebrations are not over yet, the next day we received another surprise parcel from CaratLane, guess what? Yeah….. It is a Chocolate box with hand written anniversary wishes. That’s really a WoW factor from CaratLane again.

If you have already ordered something from CaratLane, why not share your experience and do let us know what is the item you have selected for what occasion, that way I will know more gift ideas for the next special occasion ;)

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  1. Yes, Definitely I agree with you. Nowadays these special days It will be problems for men. because they dont know which gift they should buy. they usually unstable about this topic. If they use the online shoping maybe they will find different options. For example, when I read your article really it gives me different ideas. I would like to thanks to you for you writing this and share with us.

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