Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman Book Review

Neil Gaiman's Norse Mythology Book Review

Nowadays there is a fad to watch American TV Series and what better to indulge than the most sought after – The American TV series. I preferably get my dose of visual entertainment from the ‘trending’ American TV shows and it was one such day that I came across “American Gods”.

I was overwhelmed yet taken captive to the mystical and beautiful Gods and Goddesses that walk the earth today amongst us, of which we have no or little knowledge of.

Thus began my research and was contented to know that it was from the creative Geniuses of Neil Gaiman whose work has been honored with many awards internationally, including the Newbery and Carnegie Medals.

His latest work ‘Norse Mythology’ had just swayed the stores and I was now sure was that I had to get hold of this book. Henceforth I gladly accepted my copy and I was miraculously transported on my journey to the land of the Unknown.

It took me a week to finish the book as I was in the midst of traveling and from time to time I was herded to station my carriage in the land of Asgard. A place of no assurance of bliss, looming forward into its inevitable doom.

Pages after pages and tales after tales. Few stories deep I knew I was never going to look at the world of Thor and Loki in the same way again. No wonder we see Thor fighting valiantly, knocking down all those who dareth come his way, but his enmity with his father’s blood brother, Loki dismayed me.

I was fascinated with the wittiness of Loki in the Chapter ‘The treasures of the God’ and yet was appalled with the same character in the following stories with his three mysterious children and how every one of them had power so dark it could consume all living and dead.

Before I jump into what the book is all about and my experience let me give some insights on Myth and Norse Mythology etc.

Myths are traditional stories or tales that have no proven factual basis and are revered as true and sacred. Amongst the various mythologies, we come across the most widely accepted and studied are Greek, Egyptian, and Norse Mythology.

Norse mythology is fabricated stories that the Vikings (sea-facing warriors and explorers) told one another pertaining to religion, deity, and complex creatures such as Thor, Odin, and Loki. In today’s world, our introduction to Norse myths and stories is mainly done by Stan Lee’s fascinating portrayal of the Mighty Thor, who now so frequently we see on the big screen teaming up with the Avengers to save the world from the bad guys.

About the author

Neil Gaiman is one of the best-known fantasy writers of today’s date. He started his journey as a book reviewer and proceeded with many comic and children books among which is his notable work ‘Sandman’.

Gaiman has given us the most trending show of 2016 “American Gods” which is based on his book which he wrote in 2001. From Gaiman comes another collection of fables of the Norse mythology which drives us into the world of Gods, the land of giants, and dwarves.

About the book – Norse mythology by Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman features some of the most enduring legends of the Norse Gods and goddesses in his Norse Mythology book. Tales of frost and mountain giants who live at the edge of the world, besides the deepest seas.

He talks about the dwarves who were such skilled craftsmen and crafted treasures for Gods, among which is the remarkable ‘Mjollnir’ the hammer of Thor. Gaiman lingers over the tales of the All-father Odin and stories about his wisdom and knowledge. His stories chiefly circulate around The bravest and strongest of ’em all, Thor, Son of Odin, and his mighty hammer.

Odin’s blood brother Loki who is as handsome as he is cunning, heart filled with darkness and tricks that you would end up loving to hate him. Gaiman entices us with other fascinating characters such as Balder, the second son of Odin who is the wisest, mildest and eloquent of all the Aesir. Idunn, the goddess and her apples of immortality, and Freya the most beautiful goddess of all.

Gaiman retells the Norse tales and legends in a fashion which is straightforward and simplified. The writing paves a way to fire up one’s imagination into a mystical world of magic and fantasy. The way Gaiman has organized the tales is very enticing and informative. The pace of the book is fast and one is intrigued to turn page after page.

In the end, Gaiman leaves us asking for more as he talks about the final battle, ‘Ragnarok’ fought between the Gods and army of evil led by Loki and his three children. How Ragnarok will be the end and yet there is also what will come after the end.

Perplexed and charmed I fired my way from the origin till the end and Gaiman, acquainted me with such fantastic characters that I can’t wait to unravel many more Norse mythology books out there and keep myself au courant with the figments of the imagination of the Vikings.

Lastly, I would like to say that in our busy and mechanical world, surrounded by technology and gadgets, it doesn’t cost much to take a trip into the fantasy and magical land of Gods, where we have so much to imbibe from each of them.

While on the subject the latest Thor movie, Thor: Ragnarok is coming soon to the theatres. I would suggest, to get yourself ready on the Norse Myths and then fancy yourself to the movie. The experience would be much more gratifying.

Hope you Like my review and get yourself a ticket to the ride too.

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