Oche Pong – the new version of an old game!

Enjoy Oche Pong at your next family picnic!

Bored of playing the same games over and over at parties and picnics? Here’s something new for you! Oche Pong. This is a game completely redesigned to be portable so you can carry it along anywhere you go.

Where can you place it? Anywhere you like. Whether it is on the wall, the back of your car, stand them up next to your pool, or just set them up on tables in your Man Cave. You don’t have to think twice before you take it somewhere.

Oche Pong How to Play:

All you need is a group of friends who you would enjoy playing with. The Oche Pong is just like the usual Beer Pong, but the only difference is its portability. Let me describe it for you. The yet to be patented design looks like a ring land indention combination that stabilizes and balances cups in that familiar tight beer pong triangle formation. Its portability comes from the removable feet.

The idea to create this fun-filled game was born when Founders Doug and Drew were hanging out in the garage having a couple of beers when they decided to get a game of beer pong started. When they wanted to pull out the tables, they realized it was a cumbersome activity. To overcome this limitation, they created Oche Pong. Next time you decide to hang out with your friends, don’t forget to take Oche Pong along with you!

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