Perseverance an asset of every Entrepreneur

When speaking to anyone who has made it big in their field, one can notice the stories they are the most proud of are sad ones, the ones that ripped their lives and soul apart. And this is the case because the victory of coming over all those hurdles is the real achievement for them. Same is the case with the entrepreneurs; all of them have bragging rights over the hardships they’ve faced in the initial, middle or even the end stages of their ventures.

Perseverance an asset of every Entrepreneur
Perseverance an asset of every Entrepreneur

There have some very famous business men who’ve been through tragic situations and shun through it all because of their perseverance and belief in themselves and their venture. Some of those are:

1. Thomas Edison

Edison was pulled out of school after being called “stupid” and “unteachable”. Throughout his life Edison was fired from jobs after jobs, despite all these demotivating setbacks he never sulked into a crappy life. He made sure he accomplished what he knew he was good at-inventing. He obtained a total of 1,093 patents. Some of his groundbreaking inventions were the light bulb, alkaline battery, stock printer and phonograph. His saying that genius is “1% inspiration and 99% perspiration” has been his famous, and truly describes the importance of hard work in achieving ones goals.

2. J.K. Rowling

When the famous author of the Harry Potter series wrote her first book in 1995 it was rejected by 12 different publishers. In fact the publisher, who finally did publish the book Bloomsbury, also asked her to “get a day job”. Other than the rejection factor from publishing agencies, Rowling had a very sad life, she was at time going through a divorce, her mother had passed away, and she lived on government subsidies. But she knew she had something unique in her writing and so she spent all her free time harnessing that talent and kept writing. Now she is the richest female entertainer after Oprah Winfrey!

3. Simon Cowell

His cockiness on the screen when judging the big talent shows American Idol and the X factor has never been a miss. But Simon Cowell has been through a hell lot to get to where he is now. Simon bounced around jobs when he was at the age of 15; he had also dropped out of school. It was his job as the mail room of EMI music publishing that made him climb any ladder in his life. He eventually formed his own company E&S Music. The company however folded within a year and left Cowell in a pool of debt. He then moved on with his dream clear in his head, to a job in Fanfare records and made the company huge with his hard work. That’s when he started to get famous and launched the X-factor and American Idol franchises. Now he’s a rich bloke, with a lot of bragging rights.

For entrepreneurs visiting the lives of these who’ve struggled and made their way to the top is a great way to overcome their own issues and stay focused. Perseverance is truly every entrepreneurs asset.

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