Pipedrive vs. Salesmate: 5 tips to choose the right CRM for your small business

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Customer relationship management (CRM) has become an essential tool for all kinds of companies, regardless of size or industry. It provides an innovative approach to managing your clients, both old, new, and potential and keeping them in your folds for business sustainability.

Moreover, CRM solutions supplement your efforts to expand your consumer base, along with providing you with actionable insights about your customer’s behavior. The system also reduces the workload on sales reps, enabling them to focus on other crucial tasks, such as recruiting additional clients.

Consequently, CRM tools, primarily cloud-based software, are becoming increasingly popular. Cloud-based CRM allows you to access your customer database regardless of your geographical location. It offers a smart solution to all your customer-related problems right at your fingertips.

Businesses that have embraced this technology are set to experience a 29% increase in their sales quota. Almost 91% of the companies with at least 11 employees have adopted CRM software.

This year, the use of mobile CRM solutions is predicted to escalate, leading to a more productive workforce by almost 15%.

The following article focuses on the most competent CRM applications, Pipedrive and Salesmate, and how they can expedite your small business growth:

Features and functions

Most CRM tools provide a host of features that enhance the efficiency of your business. Some of these include lead generation, sales forecasting, email marketing, and performance tracking.

The best CRM solution for your company focuses on your business goals and can assist you in overcoming the challenges of running a small business. It should enable you to acquire more clients through its sheer brilliant functionalities and improve your retention rate simultaneously.

Salesmate is a highly intuitive cloud-based CRM application that is ideal for all your enhanced customer management needs. It is advanced organizational capabilities allow you to store your customer data in a systematic order arranged in terms of relevancy.

With its Enhanced Reporting feature, Salesmate tracks the various variables that contribute towards effective sales activities. You can determine the position of every lead in the sales pipeline, how long it took a prospect to turn into a client, and even the time it took a sales rep to wrap up a phone call.

Furthermore, Salesmate offers a proactive solution to customer engagements. The interactive user interface prompts you if a client has not been engaged for a while if a new customer joins the subscribers’ list or if someone has a birthday.

You can send out an attractive email featuring discounts, a welcome message, or a greeting card to your valuable customers, respectively. You can also gauge the reception of your emails to optimize the layout while saving your most dynamic emails as templates for future use.

Salesmate is an appealing candidate for most SME businesses and large enterprises due to its advanced predictive algorithm for an accurate and insightful sales forecast.

Pipedrive is another smart CRM tool, which provides an all-encompassing overview of the sales pipeline. It appropriately identifies the most important deals that command immediate attention. The system also provides emailing functionalities to connect with your clients productively.

Pipedrive also comes with a sales tracking feature to monitor the effectiveness of your sales agents, customers’ buying history, and the value of every secured deal. You can also maintain all the relevant information pertinent to every client in one database. It also paves the way for hassle-free lead management through detailed configuration features and the ease of importing leads from other systems.

Ease of use and customization

Although you have to train your employees to use CRM software, some vendors have highly complicated products without any room for personalization. Due to the lack of user-friendliness and high complexity, it isn’t very worthwhile to spend time and money on such tools.

Salesmate has a highly interactive dashboard, which features a 360-degree view of your entire sales methodology. It is simple to understand and maneuvers effortlessly under even the most inexperienced of users. The flexible layout allows you to personalize the interface according to your business requirements and manage deal stages conveniently.

Since it serves as your personal sales manager and regulates leads, customers, contact details, and sales activities, the customizable setup also makes module management a breeze. The freedom of personalization means that Salesmate is not restricted to a single business model.

Pipedrive can also be tailored, to an appropriate extent, by your industry’s requirements. The one-click system makes it very easy to add customized fields to your sales pipeline and manage entire modules with a single click.

The graphical representation of your sales reports makes them easily interpretable and suitable to identify any issues. This system needs a little time to get used to but offers a seamless experience ultimately.

Devices supported

Omni-channel transactions have become a mandatory part of every industry. Therefore, multiple devices must support CRM.

Salesmate offers power applications with an entire range of features that perfectly fit all types of devices, including desktops, tablets, and laptops. Despite the small screen size, you can navigate the Salesmate app on mobile phones effortlessly.

All devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones, also support Pipedrive’s impressive features.


Seamless third-party integrations are another defining feature of the most competent CRM software.

Both Salesmate and Pipedrive are compatible with numerous applications to manage the various aspects of your business effectively. Salesmate also offers a perceptive WordPress CRM integration plugin for e-commerce websites.

Pricing plans

Salesmate offers a generous pricing plan with a 15-day free trial. You can go for a monthly plan for 15 USD per month or an annual plan for 12 USD per month.

Pipedrive’s has three unique pricing plans. It provides limited functionalities in the Silver plan for 10 USD per month and the entire suite in the Platinum plan for 75 USD per month. The Gold plan comes with a moderate number of features and costs 25 USD per month. Pipedrive also has a 14-day free trial period.


Salesmate and Pipedrive are the epitomai of CRM solutions with flawless performance and enhanced innovation. Both of them include distinctive and robust features suited for excellent sales management capabilities. You can adopt any of these tools based on your business goals and requirements of a CRM tool.

Pipedrive is better for startups that are just establishing their presence in the entrepreneurial world with its simple-to-use features and user-friendliness.

On the other hand, a Salesmate, with its advanced set of options, has the capabilities to manage a respectable list of customers. It offers far superior automation than Pipedrive, allowing you to focus on acquiring and retaining customers. Above all, it can help you grow your small business with productive sales activities and customer management.

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