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With the increased popularity of online and mobile banking and eCommerce apps, more and more people opt for peer-to-peer payments. Previously, peer to peer payments required to write a check or walk to the nearest ATM; however, today P2P apps are getting huge attention.

As per the Business Insider, the volume of mobile peer-to-peer transactions is expected to reach $86 billion in the US within the next two years.

What Are Mobile Payments?

In recent times, mobile payments have gained huge popularity on the web as it is an attractive way to pay. They have regulated transactions that take place digitally through your smartphone. Moreover, they are convenient, fast, and secure. During this year, mobile payment volume will boost to $75 billion and it increases to $503 billion by 2020.

Make Your Own Peer-to-Peer Mobile Payment App

Building a peer-to-peer mobile payment app is not as difficult as you think if you have an idea in your mind and aware of different features that you want to deliver to your audience.

Let’s take an example of SquareCash that is the most popular and successful payment application in the market. We can have a look at this application and check what exclusive features and functionalities it delivers for its users:

Allows Sending Money to Any Friend

The application allows its users to send money to any of its friends across different banks. No matter whether you need to pay your close friend or anyone else, SquareCash made it easy and instant for you.

Exchange Money With Anyone
Exchange Money With Anyone – Mobile Payment Apps

As you can see in the above image, you just need to enter an amount and click on pay.

However, you can also request your friend to pay back your money.

Send Money with a Debit or Credit Card

One of the best features of SquareCash app is that you can pay your friend or anyone using a debit or credit card. You can use any of these cards as per your convenience and send money instantly.

Send Money With Debit or Credit Card
Send Money With Debit or Credit Card – Mobile Payment Apps

To send money through debit or credit card, you just need to choose card type from options and click on the person to whom you want to pay. That’s all, you are done with paying.

Track Payments That You Made

The app also allows you to keep track of all the payments that you have made. You can check a total number of your received and sent payments. You can also track payment person-wise like how many times you have payment to a particular person and total amount that you sent/received from him/her.

Tracking Payments - Mobile Payment Apps
Tracking Payments – Mobile Payment Apps

You can see in the above-given image, you can get complete track report of payments that made by you.

Safe & Secure to Use

SquareCash is a completely safe and secure way to pay your friends and near & dear ones. The app has made it easy to pay your friends without any awkward discussion. Moreover, the app is protected by 128-bit encryption and fingerprint scanning, so using this is completely safe.

Considering these exclusive features in your mind, you can make an innovative mobile payment app that stands out from other payment apps. You can try to include as many creative features as possible so that your users find it extremely useful and feel safe while using.

What’s Next to Expect from P2P Payment Apps?

Over the next couple of years, the market of peer to peer money transfer apps is likely to grow and become more competitive. However, the entire structure is also changing as recently Apple has introduced a feature of peer-to-peer payment through iMessage, so users can pay their friends directly from iMessage.

Considering this fierce competition in mind, it would not be unrealistic to expect that soon the P2P market will have only pig players. But it also represents that there is still enough room for small startups that are looking forward to making mobile payment solutions.

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