Queen of Foresight: Shama Hyder

Shama Hyder - The Social Media Marketing Expert

Problem solver, opportunity creator, confident and focused, that is Shama Hyder for you. An entrepreneur and academic at heart, Shama Hyder has grown to make an impact in social media marketing that can’t be ignored.

Born and raised in India for almost the first decade of her life, Hyder moved to Texas and worked hard since she was a little child, funding her university education, and now she’s not only successful in her life, she’s an inspiration for the all across the world.

At just 30, Shama Hyder is the CEO of her digital marketing company the Marketing Zen Group, which she started the year after her graduation from the University of Texas at Austin.

It was not a one-day formal decision to start the Marketing Zen Group, she had been blogging prior to that providing start-up advice to small companies, and the response grew, always sensitive to the changing trends and with her foresight could notice the impact of social media in marketing and creating a name for any company.

Shama Hyder - Zen of Social Media Marketing
Shama Hyder – Zen of Social Media Marketing

She believed in her idea and started her own company that focuses on just that; web marketing. Having the passion and knowledge she does in the field, she definitely has plenty of ideas for keeping herself in the game.

She is now everywhere! a technology entrepreneur, a best-selling author, a public speaker, and a web and TV personality. There is no doubt about her not being able to manage her own self in the field.

It can be observed that nothing she does is low key, because in our fast-paced lives, and tech-addicted generation low key doesn’t work, anything that needs recognition has to be everywhere, a buzz should be on and constant for people to take notice.

Hyder entered the field with her blog and book (The Zen of Social Media Marketing: An Easier Way to Build Credibility, Generate Buzz, and Increase Revenue) that keeps the roots strong she’s building an empire that will always be safe on the goodwill of what she had in mind.

Decoding Digital Signals – Shama Hyder Sage Summit 2014 Keynote

Her passion and sense of confidence have taken her to this level. Her sense of rootedness can be noticed in her interview when she said; “We focus on bottom-line numbers, we have the oldest blog, we have the book.

We’re still doing the stuff we did right when we started” She understands what holds value in terms of long-term credibility and now with the business well settled and generating good revenue she is expanding into the other mediums of creating a presence.

She hosts Shama.TV, a web television show which covers new media technologies, trends, and marketing strategies, she also does media/TV from FOX to Bloomberg. Initially, she had hosted two weekly segments on the television station CW 33, KDAF-TV, in Dallas: Tech Zen with Shama, and Socially Sound with Shama.

Shama Hyder - Social Media Marketing Moghul
Shama Hyder – Social Media Marketing Moghul

This kind of knowledge and skill has gotten Hyder to be recognized as a talent, she’s not a celebrity, she is a serious woman who means business, not shying away from responsibilities and hard work since her childhood Shama has come a long way, in the present, she has much on her achievement list.

She has presented keynote speeches and conducted workshops internationally on topics related to entrepreneurship, technology, social media, etc.

She is currently a regular contributing writer at Forbes Magazine and had authored a weekly advice column on Portfolio.com. Due to her vast achievements, she has been in several magazines and newspapers including, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, etc.

Receiving world-recognized awards for achieving calculated success at her age, which has given her that quality that sets her apart. Nothing Shama Hyder does is a fluke; it is persistent and consistent with her foresight, hard work, and faith. She is an inspiration for people all over the world, with much to learn and much to grow from her life and achievements.

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