React Native – Top Reasons to Choose It For Hybrid App Development

In the mobile app development landscape, developers are always looking forward to shorter development cycles, instant time to deployment and better app performance.

Today, the two operating systems are dominating the market, so businesses, who are developing mobile apps often need to compromise: applications that are faster to develop, an app that delivers a better user experience and runs on several platforms and devices.

With the evolution of technology, developers are adopting fresh and radical techniques to do different things. Indeed, it helped in developing different apps instantly than usual. Now, there is no need of wasting time in writing code from scratch as developers can build apps using the pre-defined libraries and code written to power operating systems like Android and iOS.

However, hybrid mobile app development has been advanced with top frameworks coming to the rescue, helping in quick app development without the performance of the app being hampered.

It is Facebook’s React Native, a user interface design framework, which not only adds a sense of ease to the lives of developers; however, assists in developing revolutionary apps. Moreover, it also allows developers to reuse the written code either Android or iOS while criticizing the task of starting it across.

Let’s Have a Look at the Reasons to Choose React Native for Hybrid App Development

Supporting Major Platforms

As we all are facing the problem of support that offered by platforms for different platforms that have been eliminated quite wonderfully by React Native as it offers support for two most powerful and popular operating systems of this new era Android and iOS. Now, developers do not need to code from scratch. The same code can be used by developers for other platforms also.

Compatible with the Third-party Apps

React Native also enables integration with the third-party; therefore, the functionalities of the third-party application can be benefited by the device. Further, the integrated APIs is not making any extra load on the devices, making operation a lot smoother. The use of memory has been reduced to maintain the best performance.

Focused UI

For designing a mobile UI, this framework is responsible that can be done with the perfection. It also reflects as a complete JavaScript library. The communication between the framework and device’s environment is synchronized to deliver users a sublime experience. It makes the entire process run smoothly and easily without any malfunctions.

Known for Making Development Efficient

Making use of ReactJS, responsiveness and high-speed and agility and best user experience has made it easily possible in delivering app users, native app experience. React native is one such framework that is well-known for covering popular UI library of Facebook. Moreover, it transmits DOM abstractions, the best performance of an app and makes the programming a lot simpler for hybrid app development.

Better Scalability

You can see a wide API interactive in React Native with native elements and some of the other modules that are ready-to- use of third party developers and opportunity to write your own native modules.

Apart from this, the problem of browser compatibility does not need to face using React Native as it decreases native views and not Web view. It also gives an opportunity to concentrate on other important app development process by stopping their time in solving bugs for hours or days. It also offers excellent performance with smooth animations, giving the feeling of the native. Moreover, you can also update your app anytime using ReactJS library.

Improved Efficiency

The effectiveness of the ensuing remains intact or you can say is ascended to a particular extent. Using ReactJS that is globally acclaimed for its high-speed, agility, effective processing and wonderful user experience, making it easily possible to deliver a native app experience to the end users.

Reusable Components

To make it a lot simpler, reactJS development comes with complements, which can be used in iOS and Android. The applications that are developed with this are joining the agility of native apps along with the speed and functionality.

In case, if you already have a hybrid app running, you just simply need to apply these React Native components to bring the best out. Applications that are built with this Ionic and Cordova will enable you to do this transformation.

So, these are some of the genuine reasons to use React Native framework for hybrid application development. However, you make sure that you hire an experienced mobile app development company that has veteran developers to comprehend your needs.

Published by Jyoti Bharwani

Jyoti Bharwani is a content manager at Space-O Technologies. She is very much interested in writing about latest technologies and mobile applications. In free time, she prefers to read non-fictional and spiritual books.

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