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It is not always possible to buy all the toys that your kid wishes to have. Does that mean your little one should be deprived of a fun filled childhood? Not anymore! All thanks to a smart mom who came up with Rentoys. It is a unique portal where you can rent the best toys for your kids without compromising the quality or the wishes of your children.

Toys of all the popular brands can be had at this interesting online portal, which is the first of its kind in India. And guess what? You can have them delivered at your doorstep. Now, giving your child good toys to play with, is easier than ever. So, what made Neeta Verma, Manoj Kumar and Shilpa Prasad, the founders, come up with the idea of Rentoys? Their idea was to make a parent friendly portal, where parents can choose from the best toys for their kids.

Neeta, herself being a mom of a four year old boy, know exactly the needs of modern parents and children, so she decided to provide the easiest and the cheapest way of giving your child the best toys to play with. I’m sure you want to know, what is in store for you at Rentoys. You will find a toy at every stage of your child’s growth, starting from the play needs of a new born to that of a 6 year old.

Awaaz Ent – 65 – Toy

Don’t worry about the quality either because here you will only find toys of the international brands like Fisher price, vtech, Okplay, funskool and playschool which ensure not only your child’s entertainment but also his or her cognitive development. What more could you ask for, as a parent? Rentoys has also taken care of its responsibility towards the society. They plan to tie up with an NGO and be useful to the under privileged children too. After all, why should any kid be deprived of a happy childhood?

You could ask why Rentoys when there’s no dearth of toy stores out there. To this, I would suggest that you find out for yourself. When you visit the Rentoys website you will see that they are the only company who provide you with safe, interesting toys at your doorstep the most reasonable prices. Right from packing to delivery, everything is taken care of. All you need to do is watch your child enjoy his childhood. At Rentoys you can pamper your child with a new toy every week.

The only challenge for Rentoys has been to create awareness and gain trust of parents. Thanks to a lot of parents who placed their trust on Rentoys, it is now seeing a 50-60% growth in its customer base every month. So what are you waiting for? Go online now and fill your kids growing years with wonderful without spending much! For more details visit

News source: Neeta, Manoj and Shilpa, Founders, Rentoys

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