RFID protected wallets to battle electronic pickpocketing

RFID - Minimalist Wallets

By far the most important accessory for anyone would have to be a wallet. It doesn’t matter if you carry cash or not, you always have a card or a few with you.

In fact with the increase in electronic modes of payment, it’s impossible for anyone to survive without a card. Wallets keep your money and cards organized, but did you know that your wallet may not be keeping everything safe!?

5 years ago a company named after a pet came into being. Kinzd is a Hong Kong-based company that aims to provide simple, slim, minimalist wallets, at extremely affordable price points, using socially conscious material wherever possible.

Fast forward to 2017 and Kinzd has delivered over 2.5 million wallets in over 95 countries worldwide. So, what makes their wallets so unique? Well, it’s the safety factor. RFID protected wallets have been the niche sales for the company. Just to make all this clear, let’s understand what RFID is and how important it is to have protection on your cards for it.

RFID stands for Radios-Frequency identification, it uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects, in this case, your cards/passport, etc. These tags contain electronically stored information that can easily be manipulated if not kept secure.

Electronic pickpocketing has become dominantly prevalent across the globe and blocking all RFID scanners and readers are the only way to keep your details safe. Thieves use easily accessible devices to scan and retrieve information from the cards RFID chip.

This chip responds automatically to a signal sent out by a reader once within range. The thief hence gets the encrypted access code and the card can be manipulated.

Regular wallets do not have RFID protection, however, Kinzd provides not just this amazing feature, and their wallets are super functional and trendy. You can find a variety of products on their website, ranging from slim wallets (bi/trifold), money clips, travel wallets, card cases, etc.

These are good for the minimalist who wants to keep his/her cards safe from violation. You can simply put this wallet in your handbag or pocket and not have to worry about private information leaking. If you have an electronic passport with an RFID chip, you can keep that safe too.

Kinzd now also offers the option of personalizing your wallets on their website. Apart from the wallets, you can also find other related products like belts, cosmetic bags, storage cases, coin wallets, etc.

There is also variety in materials however not so much in colors. You can find some designs available in genuine leather, carbon fiber, horse leather; you will also find practical styles with rubber bands to hold everything together.

Kinzd provides chic wallets with RFID protection:

Slim, compact and minimalist wallets from Kinzd

The Kinzd wallets are a great gifting option too. The price range starts from USD10.99 and increases with the type of product and material. All products can be purchased from the Kinzd website directly.

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