Rich Snippet Product Review plugin for WordPress

Wordpress Product Review Plugin

If you cover any product reviews or plan to have an exclusive review site, some SEO-related changes need to be done for your site. A personal opinion about a product will have a more powerful impact on their sales. Many will buy different products, but unless one experiences the product – it will be really tough to say how the product is and how they feel about it.

Before we buy some products, we generally inquire about that product with friends or relatives or check the same online. Few online freaks will share their review online, though, but landing at the right review is tough.

If you are reviewing anything or writing a review about a particular product, it must have some SEO changes for that review page. In case you are not a developer, it will sometimes be more costly to have the changes than you think.

Either it is good to hire an SEO expert or look for relevant plugins (Free or paid). The team at WittySparks covers a personal review of products but failed to grab the relevant traffic for that particular product, so I thought to go with some plugin instead of hiring an SEO. In this search, we landed at one of the highly-rated Review plugins for WordPress called WP Product Review by

This actually helped us to stand higher in search engines for our product review posts. After using this WP Product Review plugin, you can check the below and after snapshots, which actually helped WittySparks Product Reviews highlight in leading search engines.

Google Rich Snippets for Review pages
Google Rich Snippets for Review pages

WP Product Review turns your basic posts into in-depth reviews with your own personal ratings, pros, and cons along with custom affiliate links and helps search engines like Google, Bing, etc., to understand and present your content effectively, making SERP results more attractive.

This plugin actually adds semantic/structural markup or rich snippets for your website, which will be more accessible by search robots, and review pages will be indexed well and rank high.

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