Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Awesome Note APK installed in Galaxy Note 2

Awesome Note App form Samsung

I am so excited today; you will know why – Awesome Note is in my Note 2. When Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 launched, Awesome Note was a great app specially developed for Galaxy Note 8. At that time, I thought, why not Samsung can release that Awesome Note App to other Android tablets and phablets.

Today, I was happy to see this Awesome Note, an extracted app from N5110 or Galaxy Note 8.0 ROM. The post at the XDA Developers forum says that this is a normal apk without any modifications to it. The moment I came across this post, I couldn’t stop myself; I was so happy and downloaded this Awesome Note APK from the links provided in the following XDA Developers forum.

And it was an awesome experience using this Awesome Note App in my Samsung Galaxy Note 2; I tried installing the same in one of my ASUS Transformer TF101 Android tablets but somehow failed to install it may be android version is not supported – it was giving the following Parse error “There is a problem parsing the package,” I am not aware of the reason why other than the android version running in it – Maybe APK is made in such a way that it may be allowed to install only in the Samsung devices – looks like a couple of folks have already got it installed in Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1.

Following are a couple of snapshots grabbed from my Samsung Galaxy Note 2

But – it would be great if Samsung can make this Awesome Note App officially release it for at least Samsung Tablets and Phablets. Maybe they are already working towards it – just need to wait for this Awesome Note to be available in Google Play.

I am uninstalling this as of now because the icons, font size are pretty small, and the interface is a little broken in portrait mode – it’s good in landscape mode though, if you can use this app in the landscape, then go ahead and enjoy using this app.

Here are a couple of interesting features of the Awesome Note app if you are not aware of:

  • You can take Unlimited Notes
  • Can your Diary
  • You can maintain To-Do list
  • Event Calendars
  • Quick Memos
  • SPen Support
  • Cloud enabled – means never loose a note again
  • Colorful User Interface and more…..

If you are already using this app in Note 8.0 – why not share your experience on using this Awesome Note App.

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