Save your Heart with a Chocolate!

The lifestyle of urban dwellers increases the risk of a variety of diseases, an unhealthy heart being the primary one. The level of stress, the amount of work, and the increasing number of problems to be solved indicate a deteriorating heart of man. in such situations, we are often advised to let go of some kinds of eatables from our diet which often happen to be our favorites.

A Chocolate A Day Keeps the Doctor Away!
A Chocolate A Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

But imagine. What if your doctor prescribed a list of delicious dark chocolates to protect your heart in place of bitter pills? Cool isn’t it?

According to a report published by a British Medical Journal on Monday eating dark chocolate could place you at a lower risk of heart disease. This fact was proven by Dr. Oscar Franco of Cambridge after research on 10,000 people who consume dark, milk, and white chocolate in the form of a bar or a drink.

A similar study conducted on 114,000 people showed that those who consumed a moderate but regular amount of chocolate had reduced their risk of heart disease to as much as 37 percent than those who were not into the habit of eating lots of it!

In spite of this Dr. Franco suggested that one should watch the amount of chocolate being consumed as the research is still in its initial stages and nothing could be definitely declared.

This has been tested to prove more effective in women of an older age than their male counterparts. Apparently, an old woman who is habituated to at least one chocolate a week is 37 percent less likely to die of heart disease.

An Italian study in the year 2008 showed the world that the Flavonoids present in chocolate help it in reducing inflammation which is a direct cause of blood vessel diseases.

These Flavonoids also seem to be helpful in preventing coronary heart diseases among women in the postmenopausal stage. Looks like its time to change the popular proverb a little…… a chocolate a day keeps the doctor away!

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