Sleep Well to succeed in I.T!


How good is your sleep? This is a million-dollar question faced by all those individuals who work late in the office or are burdened with loads of work and responsibility. This question is also of great significance to all the IT professionals who spend most of their time sitting and staring at their computer monitors!

The work of an IT professional primarily comprises more of mental labor as compared to physical labor which is minimal. But this lack of physical activity in the work is countered by the intellectual exercise that they perform every day!

Thus, an activity such as sleep becomes very important for people in this field.

Why is sleep important?

Sleep becomes more than a simple biological activity and acquires greater significance, something on which depends the health of an individual- both physical and mental.
Some of the ill-effects arising out of loss of sleep could be :

  • mood swings
  • erratic behavior
  • hallucinations

Minimum hours of sleep needed?

An individual requires somewhere between 6-10 hours of sleep but on average 6 hours of sleep should be enough for an individual. Normal sleep relieves a person from the stress and tensions that he/she gets during the course of the day from work and other spheres of life.

The way people sleep could be categorized into three types Satvic, Rajasic and tamasic.

Satvic sleep is when people sleep in an undisturbed manner. The moment they hit the bed, they fall asleep. This is primarily due to the fact that they are too tired and their mind is tired after handling a full day’s work and tensions. So, such people sleep the instant they lie down on the bed.

Most professionals sleep this way and such a person requires 6-7 hours of rest to recharge his weary senses!! Many IT people professionals qualify in this category wherein they fall asleep the moment they lie down on the bed.

But the concern arises with the number of hours of sleep. When the body gets less than 6 hours of sleep, he/she does not get adequate rest to refurbish the energy drained from the body. As a result of which there is a certain fatigue that looms in the mind of the individual.


Many IT professionals qualify as rajasic when it comes to sleep. Rajasic person does not get peaceful sleep and sleeps in a disturbed manner. The mind of such a person is laden with worries and tensions just like that of many IT Professionals whose mind is plagued with deadlines, bugs, client reports or various stages of their deliverables! Such things run at the back of the mind of individuals and get carried forward even in their sleep cycle as a result they find it difficult to sleep peacefully.

Apart from these, many professionals are so used to staring at the monitor or handling the mouse or keyboard that their arms, wrists, or even fingers get the brunt of it. The hands, wrists, fingers, the nerves from these parts do the bulk of the work, and as a result, professionals often complain of stress or pain.

So, sleep becomes a vital ‘leveler‘ for such individuals from such strain and when it doesn’t come inadequate amount, the individuals feel uneasy and stressed out.

Sleep well, sleep sound is the mantra of professionals in the present age, for, healthy sleep holds the key to success and fame along with hard work!

So, how did you sleep today- Tamasic or the Rajasic way..??

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