Some smart tips on MS Excel 2007-Join & insert space between text

When there are loads of data in MS Excel which have to be formatted, it might come across lot of work unless you know the right shortcuts and functions. This time we take you through some tips to join text and do some smart formatting like inserting space between them.

Let’s say you have the following set of text:

Now, you need to get the text in cells A1, B1, C1 in one cell.  This would require concatenate function and you would have to type :

And the desired result would be as appears below. To get it same result for all values in the range, just use the fill handle and drag and get all the cells with same result.

To get a space between the text that you have got after using concatenate function, you would have to make the following adjustments to the same formula! And you would get the text with desired space between the text.

There is one more way to represent the same formula, which is to remove the commas and insert the ampersand(&) in its place along with the space within the inverted commas:

Hope this piece of information was useful to you. We would come up with more utility functions in the days to come, so watch the blog.

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