The success of Indian women entrepreneurs is no longer rare

Women Entrepreneurs

Some things are made for a particular gender. Some just aren’t. The limits drawn by the society hold less meaning now in India, where the women entrepreneurs are growing and not just are they entering various business markets, they’re making a mark. Success comes to those who put their mind into it and work hard; there is no gender bias in hard work, ditto for entrepreneurship.

If you have the passion and the drive to be your own boss, take risks, you can achieve whatever you want and run an enterprise or two. While we may think women in western countries are doing better, or are more liberated we have plenty of examples within our country of successful female entrepreneurs, who inspire the nation and empower women.

Sabina Chopra

Whenever there is a goal, there will be obstacles, instead of closing the book without trying, young women in India need to start thinking of their obstacles and handle them strategically.

Being a woman entrepreneur is all about solving problems, and being innovative, and problems from society and home need to be addressed first. Sabina Chopra is not just an entrepreneur she is also a wife and mother, the major block for most women is the choice of family or work, when it isn’t so.

“Women need to stop feeling guilty about not spending all their time with their children,” said Sabina the co-founder and angel investor of

We need to take advice from the women entrepreneurs themselves when it comes to such things. There are so many opportunities and many of India’s female entrepreneurs have made their own opportunities by coming up with ideas that not only cater to the needs of their customers but also help in making their enterprise successful.

Anisha Singh founder Anisha Singh was 2 months pregnant when she started her e-commerce site and worked even on her day of delivery, women like Anisha show that pregnancy, family, etc. cannot be made into an obstacle if we want it to, and it’s all in our hands.

Her company went through the struggle when the deals business came crashing down, but she stays put, and after 6 years not only is she still in business but is also making a profit. The level of intimidation must’ve been high as Singh was the only woman entrepreneur in the business at that time.

Anisha Singh, Founder & CEO, shares her story:

Anisha Singh, Founder & CEO, | Interview with the Free Press Journal

Aditi Jussawalla

These young women entrepreneurs have shown that you can start a business in just about anything you’re interested in. Aditi Jussawalla founder of MotherHen a website that caters to moms by building an e-community to discuss parenting, scoring deals on products, access to kids’ events, etc. If anything business like this can help you to enjoy your motherhood and parenting and spreading the joy of family.

Richa Kar

Meet Richa Kar – Founder & CEO, Zivame on Super:

Meet Richa Kar – Founder & CEO, Zivame on Super

Zivame the lingerie e-retailer is a blessing for every Indian woman, founded by Richa Kar. She found a problem in the market and found a solution, Richa started her online endeavor with a co-founder, and money borrowed from friends and family, she started off small in 2011, and now Zivame is Indias leading online lingerie store. She says;

“If you are strong, focused and passionate about what you want to do, everything falls in place.”

It is undeniable that women can do whatever they prioritize and manage anything with finesse; it just requires one to be strategic, has faith in oneself, and stay focused. The rest of the world would just have to accept what is happening.

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